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The female cultivator frowned and said, “However, the space here was very stable before. It previously showed no signs of eruption. How can a spatial storm suddenly appear? Who is the cultivator residing in the nearby area?”

The man twirled his beard and calmly answered, “What is so strange? Small scale spatial fluctuations were always hard to predict. The Gold Court Boat may be wondrous, but they can’t predict them all. As for the master of the area, the land was recently acquired by a Deity Transformation cultivator. He should be a dark azure guard.”

The woman held a sparkling spell plate in her hand and fiddled with it a moment. Then with a frown, she suggested, “The Foreign Spirit Plate didn’t acquire the aura of any foreign tribes. It seems there aren’t any hiding here. Should we call the nearby dark azure guard and interrogate him? He might have something to do with the spatial storm.”

The cultivator shook his head and spoke with a solemn expression.“Why is there any need to go through the trouble? So long as a foreign being isn’t here, it has nothing to do with us, even if the spatial storm is suspicious. Don’t forget that we have many other tasks to attend to. The Yin Yang Plate anticipates a large-scale spatial storm occurring in another area.”

After some hesitation, the woman giggled and agreed, “Brother Ma’s words are reasonable. I was too attached to this matter. Let’s go.”

The man nodded in satisfaction and flew back to the Gold Court Boat in a yellow streak.

The woman looked around her and soon boarded the boat.

A short moment later, the Gold Court Boat blurred and vanished. A teleportation formation of light briefly appeared underneath it before scattering.

Unbeknownst to Han Li in his cave residence, two Spatial Tempering heaven guards had examined the storm in a short amount of time. They even hurriedly left without interrogating him.

For the sake of carefulness, he immediately sealed his cave residence once it returned and temporarily halted monitoring on all of his Myriad Dragon Beads to avoid any expert from seeing through them.

After that, he headed straight to his secluded chambers and began to research his newly acquired bone hand.

Although the bone hand was peculiar as if it had been refined in a method he hadn’t seen before, Han Li didn’t pay much attention to that regard.

Instead, he bluntly spat out a golden sword that was several inches long.

The small sword trembled and fine golden lightning quickly coiled around the bone hand. The hand’s thumb was then silently split into two.

The inch-long jade badge appeared from it and it trembled before flying off of its own accord.

Han Li already anticipated this and easily grabbed at the air, activating an invisible restriction and firmly trapping it in his grasp.

With the pure white jade badge in his hand, he began to examine it with flickering blue eyes.

There were silver rune characters on the jade badge t

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