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A ball of faint white light floated out from the forest. It contained a longboat that stretched over sixty meters wide.

The boat was divided into two stories and seemed to be crafted entirely from fine jade. The boat was engraved with simple cloud designs. Gold and silver talisman characters also floated from its surface, producing an unordinary aura.

The jade boat shuddered. Suddenly, the silver and golden talisman characters exploded, turning into a white cloud that wrapped around the boat. The entire boat appeared like an unremarkable white cloud.

The huge cloud soon circled in the air and silently rushed off.

Although the cloud appeared to be gently flying through the air, it traveled at extreme speed, tearing through three hundred meters in an instant. Its speed was comparable to an ordinary Deity Transformation cultivator.

As Xiao Hong stood on top of the boat, she looked around and praised, “Not bad. Although a spirit boat suitable for travel can’t be considered rare, one this fast is a top-grade good. As expected for the Long Clan, an owner of a human auction house.”

Long Dong politely said, “Hehe, Fairy Xiao praises me too greatly. Your clan is one of the seven great demon clans. You must’ve seen every kind of treasure. My Spirit Cloud Boat’s speed can’t be more than acceptable in your eyes. However, the boat does have quite a space. There are at least a dozen rooms. Apart from one person needing to keep watch on the outside, everyone else can rest in a room. If it goes smoothly, we’ll arrive in half a year. With some cultivation, it’ll pass by quickly.”

Xiao Hong nodded, “That is good. We’ll take ten days turns keeping watch while the others can do as they wish on the boat. Everyone should select their rooms first.”

The others raised no objections and found a satisfactory room on the boat.

Since it was their place to rest and meditate, they placed down other restrictions in the room to protect them from prying eyes.

Then after a short discussion, the watch rotation was decided.

As it so happened, Han Li was the last position in the rotation. That gave him forty days before he had to keep watch.

With all of that arranged, Han Li didn’t chat more with the others and headed into his room instead.

The others had done the same, apart from Long Dong, who held the first watch.

With Long Dong alone on board, his lips twitched and he made his way to the front of the boat. He flipped his hand and produced a green mat.

He then sat down on it cross-legged.

The blood marked youth quietly muttered, “Half a year... I look forward to the day that arrives.” Then, he slowly closed his eyes and wore an odd smile on his face.

In a room ten meters wide, Xiao Hong and the white-browed youth took a seat across from each other.

“What? You’re saying that young girl Ye Ying possesses Heavenly Phoenix Blood and is a disciple of the True Spirit Noble Clan?” The youth said with an astonished

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