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When Han Li appeared soundlessly on the surface of the ground again, he looked around to find that he was situated halfway up a bleak and barren rocky mountain.

It was quite strange that such a barren land could exist here considering this plot of land was sitting atop a spirit vein.

Back when Han Li was surveying the entirety of his plot of Spirit Land, he had identified this as a rather strange place and searched through the nearby area.

However, he didn't discover anything at the time and he was in a hurry to construct his cave abode, so he quickly departed, concluding that this mountain merely had sparse spiritual Qi due to some natural causes. Even though such occurrences were extremely rare for plots of land sitting atop spirit veins, there were still some precedents.

However, Han Li was naturally still rather skeptical about this place and was planning to return for a closer examination when he had some free time. Now, these four people had lingered nearby for several days already, so there was definitely something amiss about this mountain.

Han Li furrowed his brows as he digested the information transferred back to him by the several wisps of spiritual sense. He then swayed and drifted up toward the mountain's summit.

His current body was as light as air and virtually insubstantial, and he soon reached the mountain summit before hovering in the air in a completely still manner.

He cast his gaze downward to find that it was still just a rocky mountain down below. It seemed to be completely identical to how it was the last time he'd been here. Han Li raised an eyebrow as he swept his spiritual sense downward, but didn't discover anything through doing that, either. Following a brief period of contemplation, he suddenly made a hand seal and injected his magic power into his eyes in the frenzy.

All of a sudden, piercing blue light flashed deep within Han Li's pupils as he activated his Brightsight Spirit Eyes to their maximal extent. All things that were normally invisible to the naked eye were revealed to Han Li.

This time, he managed to quickly discover something. There were eight faint pillars of light rising up from the ground around the mountain, creating a strange rectangular formation that enshrouded the entire mountain summit.

Han Li didn't know what kind of peculiar treasures had manifested these pillars of light, but not only was the formation created completely invisible and colorless, it wasn't even giving off any spiritual Qi fluctuations. It was no wonder that he was unable to discover the formation even with his formidable spiritual sense.

It appeared that this temporary restriction had to have been set up by those four people. If it weren't for the fact that Han Li had been constantly monitoring their locations, it actually would've been very unlikely that he would've tracked them down here and seen through this restriction.

However, although this restriction was extremely obs

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