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About two weeks later, a clear and long shriek sounded from the outside. Although it wasn't loud, it roused Han Li and the others that were resting.

Han Li’s brow moved and he opened his eyes.

He blinked and tilted his head in thought. Then he stood up and walked out of the ice building.

There was a spacious area in front of the ice building, but at an unknown time, it turned into an icy hall that was three hundred meters long. It was supported by many huge pillars of ice. Although they were exceptionally crude, it sparkled under the sunlight and gave it an imposing presence.

Inside the hall, there was a ten-meter-tall platform where a man and a woman stood.

The man had a head of silver hair and a handsome young face. As for the woman, she wore her hair in a coil and had a well-rounded body, adding to her exceptional beauty. Despite her bare, frail and flawless limbs, she didn’t seem to mind the cold.

The two were at the Spatial Tempering stage. The man in particular was at mid-stage.

The long whistle came from the silver-haired man.

Five people were standing below the platform. Fairy Ying and Old Man Liu stood among them. When the whistle sounded, Han Li and the others came out from their buildings.

In the blink of an eye, over twenty cultivators appeared on the mountain.

The cultivators were all at the Deity Transformation stage at the very least. They walked to the hall with various expressions.

Han Li wore a calm expression as he followed them inside.

When the group entered, many people immediately said, “We pay our respects to Senior Zhu and Senior Qing!”

“These two Seniors have also come! It is good to see you again!”

Han Li soon found an empty spot and stood there unmoving.

The two that originally visited and invited him were the pair of famous golden guards, the woman and man on stage.

Although he only spoke to them once, he had heard much about them. If they weren’t also ascended cultivators, Han Li didn’t know if he would've agreed to this meeting, no matter what rewards were promised.

Senior Zhu’s long whistle had come to a stop and he smiled in response to everyone’s greeting. Then he loudly said, “It appears everyone has come. Please have a seat. Let’s have a proper discussion on how we’ll clean up the nest of Blue-eyed True Toads.”

When he finished speaking, the woman at his side immediately released a spell seal on the floor.

Suddenly, the ice hall lit up with white light and rows of exquisite jade chairs appeared as a result of simple spell formations.

When the cultivators saw this, they took a seat. The two Spatial Tempering cultivators on stage also sat down.

The silver-haired man swept his gaze to both sides and smiled, “It appears that the number of cultivators that arrived was what we expected. When we invited you, we assumed forty percent would be able to make it. As for the others, they couldn't make it for a myriad of reasons.

But eve

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