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The Leopard Kirin Beast shut its green eyes for a while before opening them again. It then let out a soft growl.

Han Li smiled.

Ever since he acquired the small beast, he discovered in addition to its quick speed and durable body, it also had extraordinary tracking abilities.

So long as the beast sensed something, no matter if the target was alive, dead, or behind a myriad of restrictions, it could find the item accurately.

This kind of tracking doesn’t merely use the physical senses; it was an inconceivable ability related to spiritual sense.

At the very least, the beast was able to track Han Li down while he used the High Zenith Invisibility Talisman and stood still.

As for the spell plate and the speck of white light, it was obviously linked to the young white-robed woman. He also had a speck of pure spiritual Qi for the other cultivators as well.

The small beast looked all around and tilted its head as if in thought. Soon, it stirred and shot off into a faint yellow blur.

Han Li didn’t immediately chase after it. Instead, he formed an incantation gesture and suddenly struck an azure light at the ground.

As a result, a faint ring sounded from the ground. A ball of silver flame suddenly burst from the ground. A faint flame raven fluttered around it.

Originally inside Black Leaves Forest, he had concealed a Spirit Engulfing Flame raven in the ground.

For the sake of carefulness, when Han Li escaped, he hadn’t taken back the flame. Fortunately, the flame was already completely refined. Even at the speed he was traveling, he was still able to command it to follow him.

Of course, the flame raven wasn’t a true spirit beast. It needed to use a bit of magic power to maintain its shape. However, it was such a little amount to his current cultivation that he didn’t mind.

When he saw there was no problem with his flame raven, Han Li nodded. Then he pointed and the bird disappeared into the ground.

It was still quite dangerous there. He may as well keep it prepared just in case.

With that done, Han Li summoned light around himself and flew off in an azure streak. With a few blinks, he quickly chased after the Leopard Kirin Beast.

The small beast was heading north. After a long while, it eventually changed direction.

Han Li was startled, but he kept silent and changed direction with it.

Afterwards, the Leopard Kirin Beast changed directions several more times.

This caused Han Li’s face to turn solemn.

This illustrated that the white-robed woman, Ye Ying, was continuously shifting movements, likely because she was still being pursued. She wouldn’t have sharply changed direction so many times if this were not the case.

However, this wouldn’t stop him.

With his current abilities, so long as he wasn’t heavily surrounded or faced an opponent with vastly superior cultivation, he was confident he’d be able to preserve his life.

As he needed this woman to acquire his Eart

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