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When Han Li arrived, it was nearing noon. In just a moment, he used a secret technique to transform himself into a large man with long facial hair and entered the Profound Zenith Hall.

The people at the entrance were already enhancing spirit stones for concealment pendants to enter the hall.

All of them were at Deity Transformation-stage and above.

Han Li even spotted three Spatial Tempering cultivators entering.

After some thought, he also walked in and gave the guard a pouch filled with spirit stones. The guard swept his spiritual sense past it and nodded, handing him a jade pendant and opened the way for him. He promptly said, “After you enter, head left.”

When Han Li heard this, he was stunned and he hesitantly walked in.

After they entered the passage, he astonishedly discovered that the straight passage he originally took was now exceptionally twisted and split down the middle.

It was like the Profound Zenith Hall was completely different.

It seemed the restrictions in the hall had changed as well.

Nevertheless, Han Li did as the guard advised and headed down the left side.

Soon, he entered the dark passage and vanished.

After the time it took to finish a meal, he found himself in a pitch-black stone room.

The room was three meters wide with walls to all sides apart from a spacious opening. There were a jade table, a bamboo chair and a table with a red spell plate.

There were many of these stone rooms densely packed spread across three hundred meters in the air. They were flying stone rooms.

The entire hall was three thousand meters wide and nearly had a thousand stone rooms floating above it.

Faint azure talisman characters glowed from the surface of the stone room. Each room had a considerable distance between the two as if they were floating lamps.

Han Li sat down in the chair, looked down at the auction below and clocked his tongue.

In the instant he entered the large hall, he entered an odd spell formation and teleported to the room. Under examination, he discovered the room wasn’t only suspended in air, but it also blocked spiritual sense. With the addition of the light pendant concealing them, it would guarantee the animosity of the bidders.

It appeared the master of the auction knew that cultivators feared arousing envy and spent much time on how to solve this.

Han Li leaned back in his chair and rested his eyes for a short time. Soon, another several hundred cultivators entered the hall, nearly filling it to its brim.

Han Li widely opened his eyes and took a breath.

When one normally entered the auction, they needed to be at Deity Transformation-stage at the very least. But this small auction managed to gather nearly a thousand Deity Transformation cultivators.

This was something that couldn't even be imagined in the mortal realm.

However, this was also impossible to happen unless it occurred in the other cultivator cities in the three hum

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