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Within the five-colored light, the woman with the Xiao surname was discussing something with Han Li. Upon hearing this peculiar howl, her expression immediately tensed up as she made a hand seal. The five-colored light around them immediately intensified in brightness before disappearing on the spot along with her and Han Li.

The speed at which they had been flying had been multiplied by twofold to threefold! Han Li stood silently on the spot, sensing something with his eyes narrowed, allowing the woman to guide them forward.

Even though they were flying much faster than before, the howls erupting from behind them had become a lot clearer after traveling for several hundred kilometers.

Han Li said in an indifferent voice, "Those two things are less than 150 kilometers away from us, and their speed outstrips ours, so we'll have to face them sooner or later. It's best to fight them as far away from those two Yaksha Monarchs as possible, so let me give you a hand."

One of the wings on Han Li's back suddenly flashed as he spoke, and the projection of a massive azure bird abruptly flew forth from it before disappearing into the five-colored light around them.

The entire ball of light shuddered violently before they sped up by around twofold once again, transforming into a faint blur that flashed through the air.

"Thank you, Brother Han!" The woman was elated by development.

Han Li shook his head in response, and said, "This type of technique is very energy-consuming, so I won't be able to maintain it for too long. Also, we can't get too far away; otherwise, those two Yaksha Monarchs are most likely going to step in."

"Of course. You should conserve more of your energy for our upcoming battle," the woman replied with a nod.

Han Li gave a wry smile upon hearing this and didn't say anything further. In all honesty, regardless of how powerful those demented minions were, if he were to risk sustaining damage to his spiritual sense by releasing several hundred Gold Devouring Beetles at once, it'd be no issue for him to force one into retreat or even destroy it. However, there were two of them, and there were also two Yaksha Monarchs that were constantly monitoring the situation, so he didn't dare to adopt such a reckless course of action.

With Han Li's assistance, the two demented minions behind them were unable to close the gap any further despite their fearsome speed.

Thus, they traveled for over several thousand kilometers further in the blink of an eye.

Han Li withdrew the azure bird projection when he estimated that the time was right, and he stopped in mid-air along with his female companion.

The two of them hovered in the air, looking on into the distance with unblinking eyes.

All of a sudden, fierce flames erupted in the distance. Two crimson clouds that were several tens of feet in size came hurtling toward the two of them like lightning amid thunderous roars.

Han Li immediately rubbed h

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