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Book Nine: Races of the Spirit Realm

In an endless crimson forest of twisted trees, there were five young men and women. They were in a hidden part of the forest and were ten meters apart from one another.

One of them was a man about thirty years old. He wore embroidered robes and had snow-white robes with eyes like lightning.

There was a black-robed woman with a slender body, black brows and draped hair. Her face appeared hostile.

The other youth appeared in his late twenties with a blood-red birthmark on his mouth and a handsome appearance. His face wore a faint smile.

The second woman wore white robes and appeared to be eighteen. Her dainty face gave her an innocent appearance.

The last of them was an azure-robed youth in his early twenties with an expressionless face. He was Han Li, who had recently left Deep Heaven City.

The five appeared young, but their cultivation was at Deity Transformation stage and above. Apart from Han Li and the white-robed woman who had mid-stage cultivation, the other three possessed late Deity Transformation-stage cultivation.

However, the black-robed woman happened to be the woman surnamed Xiao from the Black Phoenix Clan, who Han Li first met at the beast wave when his cultivation was lost.

The woman coldly glared at Han Li. Although she said nothing, her eyes were filled with bewilderment.

“I truly didn’t think that you humans would send out three cultivators with two of them at mid-stage. Could it be that your race plans on having this operation fail?” The white-browed man coldly asked. Although his voice wasn’t very loud, everyone could clearly hear it.

When they heard the youth, the blood-marked youth’s brow faintly stirred and his smile faded. Han Li simply blinked and fiddled with a white jade slip in his hand.

As for the young white-robed woman, her black eyes were wandering, but a smile still stuck on her face.

The three didn’t reply.

When the white-browed man saw the three’s reaction, he was enraged and thought to say something when the woman surnamed Xiao suddenly said, “This mission is related to Deep Heaven City and the safety of both our kind. If we do not sincerely cooperate, let alone the mission, we may even fail to reach the mission’s destination. Don’t forget, we’ll have to spend a year travelling. Since your kind sent three Fellow Daoists, you must be unordinary. Since we’ll be spending some time with each other, let’s exchange names. I am Xiao Hong and come from the Black Phoenix Clan. This is Fellow Daoist Li from the Dark Falcon Clan.”

Xiao Hong spoke with a neutral tone.

When the blood-marked youth heard this, he raised his brow and smiled, “I am Long Dong. It seems your extreme flames come from refining your life flames to an astonishing realm.”

“You’re a member of the Long Clan!” Xiao Hong’s expression changed upon hearing him.

“I didn’t think that Fairy would know of my clan.” The blood-marked youth grinned and fl

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