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Much to everyone's surprise, the final spirit fruit fell into the hands of Ye Ying.

The treasures she offered were more extravagant than everyone else could produce, so they could only reluctantly allow her to take the spirit fruit.

This small section of the Myriad Year Green Spirit Tree was Han Li's compensation of choice.

This piece of wood was as light as air and immune to the effects of water and fire. It was one of the most ideal materials for carving formation spells onto, and as it aged, it would develop a certain degree of immunity toward the power of the five elements.

As such, this type of wood was most often used to refine large treasures like spirit arks, beast carriages, and things of that nature.

After fiddling around with the section of wood for a while, Han Li stowed it away before glancing at his surroundings.

The flying carriage had been supplied, once again, by Long Dong, and even though it wasn't as comfortable nor as stealthy as the spirit ark that had been destroyed earlier, it was able to fly at a greater speed than the ark.

Speaking of which, the spirit ark's concealment ability would've been next to useless in the face of powerful ancient beasts. As such, this faster flying carriage was a superior option anyway.

If they were to encounter some minor hindrances, they could simply accelerate and shake them off.

At this moment, the flying carriage was whizzing through the air as an azure blur, hurtling along at an incredible speed.

Aside from Long Dong, who was piloting the carriage, everyone else was sitting in silence.

Han Li withdrew his gaze before suddenly turning his attention to Ye Ying, upon which his eyes narrowed slightly.

The person in the group whom he was most wary of and found to be the most mysterious was this woman, who appeared to possess the same cultivation base as he did.

This woman appeared to be quite young and spoke in a very simple and straightforward manner, but having completely mastered the Great Development Technique, Han Li's instinctive senses had already been honed to an incredibly sensitive degree, and those senses told him that this woman was the most dangerous one among the four, even more so than Long Dong from the so-called True Spirit Family.

Just as Han Li was contemplating these matters, Ye Ying suddenly opened her eyes and met Han Li's gaze.

Han Li's heart jolted upon seeing this, and before he had a chance to react, Ye Ying pursed her lips with a faint chuckle.

Han Li gave a rather awkward smile before immediately turning away. In doing so, he missed the hint of amusement that flashed through Ye Ying's eyes in response.

During the following half a month, their journey was remarkably smooth, and they didn't encounter any trouble at all.

Everyone was quite relieved by this peaceful spell, praying that the rest of their journey would be just as smooth and placid.

Several days later, the scenery around them trans

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