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The green wyrm naturally sensed what Han Li was doing, and its brows furrowed as it suddenly asked its disciple a few questions.

After hearing the answers to those questions, the green wyrm's expression darkened even further.

Right at this moment, a swath of golden light skirted around from another direction, appearing beside the green wyrm after just a few flashes. The golden light then receded to reveal the fatso, as well as the miniature humanoid figure, who was hovering above his head in a calm manner.

"Brother Ming, are you really going to let that brat go? If he reports what we were doing here to the Heavenly Guards, it could prove to be slightly troublesome to us," the miniature humanoid figure asked.

"It's just as you say; the situation in that case would only be a little troublesome for us, so why would I go to so much effort just to rid myself of a minor inconvenience? Searching for treasures on the Spirit Land of others isn't a big deal anyway, and we were only keeping this a secret beforehand due to the resounding reputation of Master Thousand Treasure. Besides, we haven't even found any treasures, so what we did here matters even less. Unless there's a conflict of interest involved, I have no intention of making those ascended cultivators my enemy. Furthermore, I heard from my disciple that this brat is familiar with Zhao Wugui. Heavenly Guard Zhao himself isn't much to fear, but his master is Lei Luo the Enlightened from the panel of elders. Hehe, if you don't want to let this brat escape, I'd be willing to lend you a hand, though," the green wyrm said in a cold voice.

"I have no vendetta against that brat, so why would I do that? Seeing as there are no treasures here, I'll be taking my leave now. I'll be sure to visit you in person when I have some spare time," the miniature humanoid figure replied with a sly chuckle.

He then cupped his fist in a parting salute before transforming into a streak of golden light, sweeping up the fatso and disappearing into the distance without so much as a second glance at the spatial storm.

"Hmph, that old bastard was clearly swindled by that brat and was forced to take him. Now, he's trying to coax me into killing that Han brat so he can use me as a weapon. Does he think I'm a naive child? Hmph! Let's go, my disciple. Seeing as a spatial storm has appeared here, the attention of Deep Heaven City's enforcement squad would definitely be drawn to this place. Even though they won't be able to get here so quickly from Deep Heaven City, it's not entirely impossible that there could just so happen to be Heavenly Guards nearby. It'll be quite troublesome if we were to bump into them. Not only did we not secure the treasures we're looking for this time, this avatar of mine has sustained some substantial damage; what a stroke of ill-fortune!" the green wyrm harrumphed coldly after the streak of golden light disappeared into the distance.

The wyrm's body then elongated before

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