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The two fat insects were six meters long and their flesh was a glossy white as if they were huge larvae. A small head grew from one of the ends. Not only did it have six small red eyes, but it revealed a mouthful of strangely large pointed teeth as it chewed on the moss.

Han Li was concealed to the point where even a Spatial Tempering cultivator couldn't detect him. Naturally, he did not worry that two trifling Deity Transformation-stage insects would discover him. He boldly floated above one of the insect beasts and swept his gaze around him.

With his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he saw the other Profound Whirlpool Beast as well as a faint red silhouette standing there.

It was the beautiful woman using an evasion technique.

Ten meters behind here, there was a vague azure light drifting in the air. It was Old Man You that was concealing himself with the power of the wind.

The two were looking around bewildered, unable to sense Han Li’s presence.

Han Li didn’t mind and sent them a few silent voice transmissions to notify them of his position.

The two wore a trace of astonishment. The old man then flickered to Han Li’s side, not daring to approach thirty meters of the insect beast.

From the distance he kept, it was clear he wasn’t confident he could keep himself hidden.

However, the beautiful woman was a Spatial Tempering cultivator. She withdrew her astonishment and arrived less than twenty meters away from the beast she targeted.

For a time, the three cultivators stood completely still. The only sound they could hear was the sound of the insects munching on the moss.

A cold glint flashed from Han Li’s eyes and his palm lit up with faint black light. He reached out from the insect beast below him.

Grey mist shot out from his fingers, summoning a small black mountain from within it. It dropped down as soon as it appeared.

The insect underneath it was an alarm and its body stirred. In the blink of an eye, it turned into a huge ball of flesh and its body glowed with blue and white light.

But it was already too late!

At such a close distance, the insect was swept into the grey light in a flash. The Profound Whirlpool Beast continued to flicker with azure and white light, but the grey light restrained it completely.

Seeing that things were far from good, the beast began to violently tremble as formless waves began to surface from its flesh. They were about to scatter in every direction.

Han Li smirked and closed his stretched black fingers.

Suddenly, the grey light expanded and rustled several times. Eight waves of grey light swept past the beast, absorbing all of the waves of pressures from the beast’s body until they were all dissolved by the Divine Essensefused Light.

The Profound Whirlpool Beast twisted and was about to use more of its abilities when a black shadow appeared above its head.

A huge explosion followed. The small mountain surged to thirty meters in height as

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