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The four arms blurred, punching through the mist surrounding him. Two of them flashed through the phantoms, easily blocking them with dense golden palms.

Meanwhile, the other two golden arms flicked their fingers at the two wood spirits, releasing ten golden streaks of them.

The wood spirits were alarmed, but a set of azure wood armor appeared from their bodies. They also had yellow wooden shields to protect themselves.

However, the ten swordstreaks were formed from Han Li’s Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords.

In a single flash, the two wood spirits were slashed apart into several pieces.

However, Han Li didn’t stop there. Of two of the summoned arms, he flicked their palms without end. They launched a dense barrage of swordlight, instantly submerging the wood spirits in golden light.

Han Li took a deep breath and caused his struck arms to tremble. A series of golden ripples strangely appeared from them.

The two stuck arms in the wood spirit’s body and the azure spear were slowly freed after touching the golden light and trembling. The wood spirit and the spear eventually scattered into azure wood fragments and disappeared.

Han Li stretched his arms and golden light suddenly withdrew from his body. The four golden arms he summoned disappeared as well.

Using the second portion of his Provenance True Devil Arts to deal with these Nascent Soul-grade wood spirits was beyond excessive.

However, he only cultivated the technique to a shallow degree and wasn’t able to use its true abilities. He still couldn't use it to face powerful enemies and could only use it to catch them off guard.

However, once he reached Spatial Tempering-stage and cultivated the third portion of the dual cultivation technique, he was confident the Provenance True Devil Art’s power will reach an inconceivable stage. It will definitely be comparable to a top-grade technique.

With that in mind, Han Li turned into an azure streak and shot away.

Along the way, Han Li was encountered by several more waves of wood tribe beings.

However, their cultivation was mostly at Nascent Soul-stage. There were even a few that were weaker.

Han Li was able to evade these wood spirits with ease. If he couldn't, he quickly dealt with them as he couldn't afford to tangle with them for long.

However, despite his mad rush, he eventually came across a large problem half a day later.

He encountered two wood spirits with purple belts. One was tall and sturdy while the other was slender. They appeared to be a man and a woman.

Behind the two were four wood ape beasts that were twenty meters tall. They had silver fur and large yellow rods in hand.

The four wood apes had bright eyes and looked at Han Li with intelligence, giving Han Li the impression that they were dangerous. In fact, Han Li felt about the same threat from them as the two wood spirits.

These purple grade wood spirits were equivalent to Deity Transformation-stage cultivators

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