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The golden saber swayed before slashing through the air as a saber projection that was over 100 feet in length. The other green ring let loose a clear ringing sound before transforming into a massive green projection, and it also hurtled toward the crimson sword.

"Don't even think about it!" one of the Long Family cultivators yelled upon seeing this. He then patted a jade pendant that was hanging from his waist, and it transformed into a streak of white light that rose up into the air before manifesting a white barrier of light that enshrouded the crimson sword.

The saber and ring projections struck the light barrier with a resounding boom, and the barrier tremored violently. Countless runes surfaced over the barrier in response, keeping the oncoming treasures at bay.

Ye Ying's expression changed slightly as she immediately raised a hand and cast an incantation seal toward the golden saber. At the same time, she began to chant something, and brilliant light erupted from the saber as it slashed toward the light barrier.

Her actions appeared to be quite gentle and harmless, but a massive saber projection that was over 1,000 feet in length abruptly appeared in the air above the light barrier like a heaven-splitting blade.

The saber projection slowly descended, causing the surrounding air to tremor violently amid a piercing buzzing sound.

It was quite apparent that the saber projection would most definitely vanquish the light barrier if it were allowed to fall.

Right at this moment, the other Long Family cultivator harrumphed coldly and abruptly tore his own robes away, revealing a harrowing sight to behold.

His body appeared to be quite normal when sheathed in robes, but it was now revealed that there were seven or eight fist-sized crimson ghostly heads chomping down on various parts of his body, squirming incessantly in the process.

He let loose a sharp shriek, and three of the ghostly heads hanging from his body opened their large mouths before disappearing on the spot.

In the next instant, three balls of Yin Qi erupted forth above the white light barrier.

Within the inky-black Qi, three red ghosts with crimson hair that were around 50 to 60 feet tall emerged.

The three malicious ghosts looked up at the massive sword projection in the sky and, and two of them suddenly transformed into a pair of crimson longswords, which fell into the grasp of the ghost at the center.

The Yin Qi then swirled before disappearing into the two longswords as well as their ghostly wielder.

The malicious ghost immediately let loose an earsplitting howl as its body swelled to seven or eight times its original stature, reaching over 300 feet in size. It then raised the crimson swords in its hands, which had both also been enlarged to the same degree, and lashed out at the saber projection up above.

Red and golden light intertwined amid an earthshattering boom.

The descending saber projection was kept at bay

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