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"So you also recognize the materials of this jade box, Brother Han. Indeed, this is Myriad Year Flame Jade, which ranks alongside Myriad Year Profound Jade. Only a container constructed from rare extreme fire-attribute materials like this can ensure that the phoenix feather doesn't lose any of its spiritual Qi," Ye Ying said with a slightly smug smile on her face.

"Only true spirit families like your Ye Family would bear to use such a precious material to construct a container," Han Li chuckled.

Ye Chu removed the lid of the box in an expressionless manner to reveal three five-colored long feathers, each of which was around three feet in length.

She pointed a finger at one of the feathers, and it drifted out of the box before hovering over to Han Li.

A serious expression appeared on Han Li's face as he made a grabbing motion toward the feather, and it was slowly drawn into his grasp.

He then began to stroke it with his finger and carefully examine it. The feather was glittering and translucent, and five-colored runes were shimmering indistinctly over its surface. The spiritual Qi emanating from it was also quite extraordinary.

"There's no mistaking it; this is indeed a heavenly phoenix feather," Han Li nodded with a content expression as he said, "It would most likely be impossible to try and artificially replicate such a brilliant treasure anyway."

He flipped over his palm to produce a pristine white jade box that was emanating astonishing glacial Qi; it was none other than a jade box constructed from Myriad Year Profound Jade.

Ye Chu and Ye Ying couldn't help but exchange a surprised glance upon seeing this box.

Han Li placed the heavenly phoenix feather into the box, and white light flashed, following which the jade box disappeared.

"Seeing as I've received the phoenix feather, the true dragon blood naturally belongs to you two now." Han Li glanced at Ye Chu and Ye Ying with a smile on his face before flicking a finger toward the azure cauldron.

Following a crisp clang, the azure threads around the blood dragon unraveled, and it was tossed toward the two women.

Spiritual light flashed around the blood dragon's body as it began to struggle in mid-air, looking as if it wanted to run away.

However, Ye Yingwas prepared for this well in advance, and she immediately lifted the gourd in her hands with an elated expression. A loud buzzing sound immediately rang out, and a swath of blue light abruptly swept forth from the opening of the gourd.

The blue light flashed and enveloped the blood dragon's body before dragging it toward her.

Ye Chu and Ye Ying immediately began to examine the blood dragon with an intense unblinking gaze, scanning through its body with their spiritual sense over and over again at the same time.

After a long while, Ye Chu exhaled and finally nodded in approval. "It really is true dragon blood!"

A smile also appeared on Ye Ying's face.

She made a hand seal

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