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Under the gaze of so many people, Fairy Xu felt apprehension, nevertheless, she waved her sleeve and summoned a white light. It circled above her to reveal a crystalline flying sword.

It was her bonded magic treasure, the Ice Crystal Sword!

To tell the truth, she felt largely helpless.

Even if a trick was done to the Green Wave Sword, she was only given a little bit of time to refine the Myriad Year Profound Jade that was given to her into the sword. However, this still greatly increased the sword strength, so there was a chance to seal the blade in ice.

Although she released her sword, she didn’t dare to immediately attack the green sword. Instead, she hesitantly glanced at Han Li.

Han Li took a glance at both of the flying swords and he reached out to one of the swords.

Fairy Xu felt her sword largely tremble. Then, it flew against her control and arrived in Han Li’s hand.

He grabbed the sword’s hilt and flicked his finger against its body, emitting a phoenix’s cry.

The sound was extremely pleasant, a near heavenly tone.

The old man couldn't help but sneer.

Although cultivators of their level could use secret techniques to forcefully boost the might of their magic treasures, it was a difficult task to do this to another treasure.

After all, regardless of the nature of the spiritual power and technique will conflict and make it difficult to fuse together.

When he forcefully boosted the power of his disciple’s magic treasure, he unexpectedly acquired an extremely profound spirit talisman. After spending half a month refining it, it finally became this powerful.

As Han Li was only an early Deity Transformation cultivator, he didn’t believe that he could exceed that power in only an instant.

Furthermore, sealing the Green Wave Sword in ice was something that only equivalent ice-attributed power could perform. This in itself was a huge restriction.

As this quickly flashed through the old man’s mind, he had no fear of Han Li’s action.

“A good sword!” As if having seen through the old man’s thoughts, the corner of Han Li’s lip twitched and a silver flame burst out from the hilt of the sword. In the blink of an eye, it wrapped around the sword and disappeared into it.

The crystalline sword turned silver-white in the blink of an eye. The design of a sailing flame bird now appeared on its surface, lifelike in detail as if it had been carved there from the very beginning.

Han Li had used forcefully injected his Spirit Engulfing Flame into the Ice Crystal Sword, inducing this bizarre transformation.

The Spirit Engulfing Flame was an inconceivable ability that devoured spiritual power. As it was formed from Great Yin Trueflame and Puresun Flame Essence, it could shift between extreme cold and heat, allowing it to fuse into the flying sword with ease.

The old man’s eyes widened for a moment and then narrowed his eyes. As for the others, they were greatly shocked.

Then in a

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