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He flicked his fingers and five dense bolts of lightning lashed out. Another light flashed from his hand to produce a square embroidered cloth drifting downward. Its surface faintly glowed with strange talisman characters in a mysterious fashion.

When the green shadow saw this, he was alarmed but not frightened. Instead, he shook his shoulder, summoning two grey shadows from his back. In a blur, they split off to confront the oncoming lightning and cloth.

The green shadow then twisted his body, wanting to create some distance.

An icy harrumph sounded from the winged silhouette above him.

An inconceivable event followed!

As soon as the green shadow heard him, he violently trembled. Afterwards, his figure stopped and was left in a daze.

A rolling thunder rang and the five bolts of golden lightning were the first to strike the shadow puppet.

Upon contact, the grey shadow dissolved from the golden light like ice to the sun. A grey mist was all that was left behind.

Simultaneously, the odd talisman characters on the embroidered cloth lit up and ruptured. Myriads of fine silver threads covered the grey shadow and immediately retracted it back into the cloth, holding the shadow puppet firmly in place.

Thunder rang from the embroidered cloth, and countless arcs of lightning leaped out, attacking the immobile shadow puppet.

At that moment, the winged silhouette flapped his wings and immediately disappeared with the flash of a silver line.

A moment later, the silver line appeared above the green shadow. The winged silhouette then waved his hand in a casual motion.

His palm sparkled with light and soon light lit up from his fingers, releasing five various colored bone rings.

The rings were as fine as jade with pea-sized skulls meticulously carved from their surface. The eyes in the skulls stirred and the skull opened its mouth as if it were alive.

The five skulls release different colored glacial flames, and they fused together to create a gorgeous barrier of rainbow flame.

Just as he collected himself from being intimidated before, the green shadow saw flames light from in front of him as he was about to be engulfed in rainbow flames.

He felt his entire body tensed and felt it become incredibly slow.

In the next moment, the green shadow felt great terror.

However, he was a high-grade existence in the shadow clan. He instantly let out a piercing shriek from his mouth, causing his green body to burst into countless green threads. They scattered in every direction to avoid being trapped by the rainbow flames.

The winged silhouette seemed to have already anticipated this and suddenly swiped down with his other hand.

Light lit up from it and the image of a small black mountain was faintly revealed from his hand. With a flip of his hand, rings of grey light suddenly rushed out from his palm.

When the grey light flew out, the green threads seemed to have encountered their match.

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