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Chapter 1357: Spirit Insects Completion

When the cultivators heard the two Spatial Tempering stage cultivators speak, they all felt a chill run down their bodies and their faces all changed.

A coin flip for death. This assignment was just too dangerous, but it was only a likely possibility for the foreign tribes to invade. And if it were only an attack by a single tribe, they were confident they would survive.

When that came to mind, the assignment seemed far more dangerous.

Of course, a decision regarding one’s own life couldn't be considered simple. They needed to put much consideration over it.

For a time, silence filled the hall.

Cultivator Wen added, “Fellow Daoists, don’t need to immediately make a decision. These assignments will continue to be issued for a year. Furthermore, so long as you take the assignment, we’ll find someone to take over your original office in the guard. Don’t worry if you’re on regular assignments.”

Han Li raised his head and said, “Senior Wen, even if we finish that assignment, how will the matter of the Earth Cleansing Pill be resolved. Even if we complete the mission, we’ll perish to two-colored tribulation.”

Zhao Wugui replied, “So it is Nephew Han. You don’t need to worry about that. These dangerous missions were meant to be putting everything at stake. Naturally, we will give you all the Earth Cleansing Pills you need, but they will be placed under a restriction.

If you don’t truly attend to your mission, these Earth Cleansing Pills destroy themselves, so do not abandon your mission. You should understand the consequences.”

“So it was like that. Thanks for the explanation, Senior.” Han Li nodded and calmly sat down.

When several people in the room heard this, their faces remained unchanged, but they wryly smiled in their minds.

The last of their hopes were annihilated.

“We’ve already mentioned this all to you. The first wave of missions will be issued in half a month. If you do plan on taking the assignment, it will be best to prepare. Although Elder Lei Luo chose those assignments for you all in particular, if there are other cultivators that take them, nothing can be done about it.

The meeting is now over. Everyone, return and think well about your choice.” With that said, Cultivator Wen ended the meeting with a smile.

He then stood up with Zhao Wugui and they took the first steps out of the hall.

The other cultivators remained still for a moment before heading out as well. Most of them frowned as if heavy thoughts weighed on their minds.

Han Li wasn’t in a hurry to leave. Instead, he remained in his seat as his mind wandered.

A short moment later, there were sparsely few in the hall.

“Oh? Is Brother Han tempted to take the assignment?” One person walked up and asked Han Li with a friendly face.

Han Li’s expression stirred and he looked at the person who approached him. He beamed and answered, “So it was Fairy Xuan. I am somewh

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