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“An illusion technique?” When Han Li saw this, he was startled, but he waved his sleeves nonetheless. Tens of small golden swords swam around him like fish, each turning a foot-long in a blur.

He commanded them in his mind, and they each created several copies of themselves, adding more to the swarm.

Golden light filled the air. The swordstreaks weaved around, slicing apart the beasts in a hundred-meter radius.

Beast blood, howls, and corpses, filled Han Li’s surroundings.

He tightly frowned!

Be it the feedback from the swords or what he saw with his eyes, he sensed it all to be real. He couldn't distinguish these illusions from reality.

Despite his bewilderment, none of it showed on his face, and his swords continued their rampage and kept him safe.

Standing on top of the Shen Beast, the old Daoist wore an odd smile.

There were seemingly countless beasts surrounding Han Li. With the sharpness of Han Li’s swordlight, they cut down several hundred beasts in the blink of an eye.

However, the strange beast corpses seemed to float in the air rather than falling to the ground. It caused the bloody scent to grow increasingly dense and pungent.

Soon, just as Han Li felt something was amiss, the Shen Beast let out a cry. The chopped corpses turned into pitch-black fog and roiled underneath Han Li.

The several hundred swordlights continued to flutter around Han Li, occasionally chopping away at the black fog, but as more of the black fog tangled with the flying swords, they became sluggish.

Meanwhile, the Shen Beast’s giant body blurred and silently shot forward in a streak of black Qi, vanishing into the black fog.

A moment later, two long red shadows shot out from the black flog. In a blur, they strangely arrived in front of Han Li. One of them aimed for Han Li’s head while the other went for his chest, both striking at lightning speed.

Were it not for Han Li employing his full techniques to protect himself, including his Brightsight Spirit Eyes, he wouldn’t have reacted fast enough to block the attacks if he relying on his spiritual sense alone.

His face sunk. Without using any of his magic treasures, golden light flashed from his face and he smoothly whipped his hands in seemingly slow motion.

His hands turned sparkling gold as if formed of pure gold.

Bang, bang. The two golden hands grabbed the two scarlet tongues in a ball of flesh. Then, an immense force pulled at his arms.

His shoulders simply blurred as if nothing happened.

The old Daoist looked at this with shock.

The Shen Beast’s transformative abilities had not only reached perfection, but its immense strength was renown in the shadow tribe. A display of this strength was when it used its tongues to fling away the giant mountain from before.

Now, this unremarkable human youth was able to use his hands to grab ahold of the Shen Beast’s tongues with ease. It was rather inconceivable.

However, the old Daoist

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