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Han Li stared up at the golden dragon and rainbow phoenix in the air above with an intense unblinking gaze. The two appeared to be completely evenly matched. In that case, wouldn't this become a prolonged battle of stamina that could rage for days on end?

With that in mind, Han Li cast his gaze toward Ye Ying and Ye Chu, and his expression immediately faltered at the sight that he was greeted with.

Both of the women had their eyes tightly shut while maintaining a hand seal, and five-colored light was swirling erratically over their bodies. Ye Chu was still blasting azure light out of her mouth, which continued to pour forth into Ye Ying's body, but the color of her skin had already changed drastically.

Her initial green skin had turned translucent and as pristinely white as jade.

She had completely transformed into a seductive beauty who appeared to be in her late teens with a gorgeous oval face and a pair of exuberant eyes.

Ye Chu seemed to have sensed Han Li's gaze, and she turned her attention to Han Li with a completely cold and emotionless look.

Han Li could naturally sense the hint of anger in her eyes, and he gave her a smile before immediately turning away.

Right at this moment, a peculiar crackling sound rang out in the air above.

Han Li's heart stirred as he directed his attention upward again.

In doing so, he discovered that the situation up above had taken a drastic turn. The gusts of powerful winds were transforming into blue spiritual light as massive translucent ice lotus flowers blossomed in the air. A burst of glacial power that could congeal the entire heavens had suddenly been injected into the battle.

This burst of glacial power somehow managed to coexist in perfect harmony with the sea of white flames. In fact, not only did these vastly contrasting powers not reject one another, they presented an enhancement effect to each other instead, effectively doubling their respective powers.

Flowers of white flames and blue ice lotus flowers intertwined, spreading over virtually the entire sky and forcing back the lightning wyrms at a steady rate.

The rainbow phoenix had unleashed some kind of strange technique to convert the power of wind into glacial power, thereby allowing it to gain the upper hand in this battle.

"Hehe, so you're able to convert between powers of the five elements; looks like you've finally unleashed the Yin Yang Extreme Mantra. Good, very good! This day has finally come!"The golden dragon in the sky was clearly being forced onto the back foot, but not only was it not flustered in the slightest, it began to chortle with elation instead.

"You know of this cultivation art?" A hint of bewilderment crept into the rainbow phoenix's voice as it faltered in mid-air.

The phoenix's voice was identical to that of Ye Ying's.

However, the giant dragon in the sky completely ignored the rainbow phoenix's question. Instead, a burst of thunderous chanting erupted f

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