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The massive wyrm's body shuddered as it whipped its tail and opened its mouth to blast forth a pillar of azure light. An arc of purple lightning that was around the same thickness as a large bowl also erupted from its remaining horn. The two then combined as one before hurtling directly toward a nearby wall.

At the same time, the miniature humanoid figure laid a hand on the top of its head, and a pillar of golden light immediately erupted into the air, disappearing into the giant sword above its head.

A ringing sound erupted from the sword and not only did it further expand to around twice its size in the blink of an eye, it also began to emanate piercing golden light that was scintillating as the sun. Meanwhile, the miniature humanoid figure shrank even further after unleashing that pillar of light. However, it completely disregarded the changes taking place to its own body as it made a hand seal.

The massive sword flew forth as a streak of golden light in hot pursuit behind the azure pillar of light.

Both attacks were targeting the same spot on the wall.

A resounding boom erupted as azure and golden light exploded and intertwined with one another, forming a gargantuan ball of light that was several tens of feet in size with countless bolts of purple lightning shimmering over its surface.

The ball of light was able to slowly sink into the wall at the behest of the two Spatial Tempering cultivators, and it appeared to be unstoppable as it threatened to forcibly tear open the spatial barrier.

Both the wyrm and the miniature humanoid figure were ecstatic to see this. The wyrm called out to the man with the Weng surname, and its body regressed to its former size as it swept up the man as a streak of green light before hurtling directly toward the massive ball of light.

The man with the Weng surname took a cold glance at Han Li as he was being swept away.

At this moment, Han Li was looking on with a blank expression, yet was doing nothing to save himself.

The wyrm shot a glance at him as if he were appraising a dead man before letting loose a long roar and disappearing into the ball of light.

It wasn't afraid of Han Li also attempting to escape through the same avenue. This ball of light contained the true essential power of both itself and the miniature humanoid figure, so no one could pass through it unless they were accompanied by one of them.

The miniature humanoid figure also swept forth as a swath of golden light, sweeping up the fatso before also hurtling toward the ball of light.

Right at this moment, a dull thunderclap suddenly erupted nearby, following which a winged humanoid figure appeared amid a burst of spatial fluctuations.

The humanoid figure then rustled his sleeve, and a swath of grey light surged toward the golden light.

The miniature humanoid figure felt a burst of suction force appear out of thin air, it was taken by surprise as another humanoid figure adhered himself

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