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Han Li had inspected some of the restrictions in Deep Heaven City that had made use of beveled silver text, and he discovered that even though some of those restrictions had similar abilities to his Myriad Dragon Beads, they definitely weren't this petite and discreet.

As such, even though these treasures were simple to refine, they were truly unique. Of course, the simplicity being mentioned here was on relative terms. If it weren't for the information on that half-page of the Golden Jade Tome, there was no way that Han Li would've been able to refine such treasures.

Back in the human world, Han Li had also been tempted to refine a set of these treasures but unfortunately, one of the main materials required couldn't be found in the human world anymore, so he could only give up on that plan.

Back when he was at the Setting Sun City's marketplace, he unintentionally discovered this material, and it wasn't very expensive, so he decided to purchase all of the materials required to refine these beads.

Looking back now, that was a wise decision.

Seeing as he already knew that there were people plotting something in his Spirit Land, he naturally couldn't just leave things as they were.

Regardless of what measures he was going to take, his first priority was to conduct surveillance on these people.

Han Li departed from his cave abode as a streal of azure light, then buried the countless Myriad Dragon Beads from his storage bracelet deep into the ground according to a certain pattern with his cave abode as the central point.

At his current speed, it took him less than half a day to set up restrictions throughout almost two-thirds of the entire plot of Spirit Land.

After that, Han Li returned to his cave abode and set up a strange formation within a certain hall, then placed the octagonal formation plate at the center of that formation.

He then embedded several tens of high-grade spirit stones in the ground around the formation before casting several incantation seals to activate it.

Following a burst of low ringing, bursts of white light began to appear over the entire formation, following which a layer of silver light suddenly surfaced over the octagonal formation plate.

Upon that layer light, specks of white light were flashing incessantly.

Han Li nodded with a satisfied expression upon seeing this before making his way over to a secret chamber.

He didn't know who had trespassed on his Spirit Land, but they most likely had something to do with the cultivator he had fought over the Spirit Land with. Prior to grasping any concrete leads, Han Li refrained from doing anything that could potentially be reckless, and decided to survey the situation from the shadows first.

Now, he was preparing to inspect that mysterious lightning patterns, as well as to refine the other beveled silver text talismans inscribed on that half-page of the Golden Jade Tome. Of course, during this time, he also had to re

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