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The youthful Senior Zhu and the beautiful woman appeared satisfied by this result, not to mention the surrounding cultivators.

Dealing with a trifling swarm of Black Blood Ants with their cultivation like slaying a chicken with a butcher’s knife. However, the smooth success of the first step of their plan was a good omen.

Senior Zhu waved his hand at the incense burner, extinguishing the incense stick and having it return to him in yellow light. Then, it vanished with a flip of his hand. And in another flash of light, he summoned a set of flickering silver flags.

Each of the flags was only several inches large. Purple talisman characters and a few lightning patterns appeared on the flags’ surface, giving them an air of mystery.

“Without any threat from the Black Blood Ants, we will head into the True Toad Nest. Here is the set of Profound Heavenly Lightning Flags. Those assigned to the formation will come up and take a flag.” Senior Zhu glanced at the designated cultivators.

The cultivators promptly exchanged a glance and immediately flew forward. The first to take a flag was Old Man Liu.

“Alright, apart from Fellow Daoist Zhao and Fellow Daoist Xun who will stand on guard outside, the others will follow us inside.” The youth pointed out an old man and a middle-aged man, and he then flew into the mountain in streaks of light.

The others didn’t hesitate and began to follow them in streaks of light.

As for the old man and the middle-aged man that was told to stand guard outside, they exchanged a wry laugh. They then concealed themselves.

The rest of the cultivators were following Senior Zhu and the beautiful woman into a natural cave inside the huge mountain.

After the time it took to finish a cup of tea, Han Li and the others appeared in a moist underground passage.

The passage was filled with stalactites dripping with water, leaving the ground exceptionally slippery. There was also an inch-tall moss that grew off the ground. It spread throughout the uneven rock in the passage.

Fortunately, the passage was quite wide, allowing cultivators to slowly fly through it. It wasn’t so short that they would have to walk.

Han Li occasionally looked around and saw a few unusual venomous insects flying through cracks in the cave. With a flick of his finger, he released a red thread into the cracks and turned them into ash.

Beside him was Fairy Xiao.

She appeared cautious. A layer of faint white light appeared all over her. Regardless of whatever venomous insect pounced on her, they dropped to the ground covered in crystal.

It wasn’t only Han Li and Fairy Xiao that used small measures to deal with the insects, all the other cultivators were keeping the insects at bay as well.

These insects were unremarkable, but none of them dared to get bitten.

After all, countless strange things appeared in the wilderness. Even ordinary insects could possibly kill a high-grade cultivator with its poiso

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