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From a distance, the hill looked ordinary as if there were no changes to it at all, but it was actually just an illusion.

Han Li was standing on the hill, right in front of the half-charred ancient tree.

When Han Li looked at it, he recalled what Long Dong and Xiao Hong had mentioned.

According to what they said, if it was possible, they could meet a spy planted by the humans and demons and receive information that was difficult to record. But if it was too dangerous, and they personally couldn't make the trip, the spy could be disregarded.

Now that he swept his spiritual sense past the area, it appeared that no one had come.

In this case, the assignment was actually quite simple. So long as he removes the item, the mission will be considered complete for him.

With that decided, Han Li extended his finger and swiped it at the ancient tree.

A crackle sounded and an azure sword streak shot forward, cleaving the tree into two.

It contained a white jade slip there.

Han Li’s face lit up with joy and he reached out for it, summoning it into his hand.

At that moment, a muffled sound traveled through the air. A golden light suddenly pierced through the illusion, directly shooting towards the jade slip.

Han Li’s face slightly changed. Without another thought, azure light flashed from his hand. A hand of azure light appeared in the air and swiped at the golden light.

A sweet giggle sound from the golden light. It broke through the azure hand like it was an illusion. The jade slip that was flying in Han Li’s direction stopped and a faint white blur appeared to the side. She raised her hand and nimble took the jade slip.

“Fellow Daoist Ye!” Han Li narrowed his eyes, recognizing the true figure wrapped in white light. It was Ye Ying, the young white-robed woman.

“Brother Han. It appears you’ve arrived here smoothly and easily.” The young woman flipped the jade slip in her hand and chuckled.

“What do you mean? Did Fairy Ye encounter trouble on her way here? When I left the Southern Skyline and arrived at the edge of the forest, I waited for you all for a while and I received no messages. What happened to you?” Han Li asked with an odd expression.

“It’s quite simple. Fellow Daoist Long and I encountered a group of wind wyrms in the skyline. We had no choice but to split off. To escape them, we had no choice but to change direction. There were a few other problems along the way. That is why you didn’t see us.” The young woman sweetly smiled with significant grace.

Han Li felt his heart tremble. He faintly made out something from her words.

Just as he was about to ask her something, a green light flashed from the sky and charged towards them. The light faded away to reveal a man and a woman.

They were Long Dong and Xiao Hong.

“It’s you!”

“As expected, you arrived here first!”

The two spoke with a tone of surprise.

When Xiao Hong saw Han Li’s unharmed appearance, she reve

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