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When they heard Zhao Wugui, all the cultivators raised no objections.

Zhao Wugui and Cultivator Wen took a glance at each other and promptly walked to the large stone table in the middle of the hall.

The nearby cultivators promptly stood up and respectfully opened a few seats for them.

The two nodded and they promptly took two of the seats.

After the two Spatial Tempering cultivators sat down, they began the trade meeting without a hitch.

Han Li used Myriad Year Profound Jade to trade for several rare talismans.

As of current, his attainments in talismans were at a crucial point. Although these talismans didn’t have any silver runes, they were still quite distinct. He may experience some insight from them under careful studying.

With all trading finished, everyone began to speak a bit about their cultivation insights or their unique experiences with secret techniques.

Although almost everyone spoke in simple or vague terms and a few spoke in detail, any crucial points were deliberately omitted. Those that were interested wouldn’t urge them on but send them a voice transmission afterwards. The two would then conduct an exchange for their own techniques or insights.

The two Spatial Tempering cultivators paid no mind to this.

Having recently delved into the Dao of Talismans, Han Li merely spoke of a few shallow areas of his understanding.

However, it was clear there weren’t many ascended cultivators in the hall that were interested in talismans. They didn’t particularly pay much attention to him.

But when Cultivator Wen and Zhao Wugui heard Han Li mention something related to silver rune talismans, a trace of astonishment briefly appeared on their faces.

Although there were many high-grade cultivators that comprehended silver runes, it would be incredibly difficult to study talismans without direct instruction.

After the group of cultivators finished speaking of their experiences, there were a few people that impatiently raised a few difficulties they experienced in their cultivation to Zhao Wugui and Cultivator Wen.

However, Cultivator Wen only offered a few brief words in response and faintly smiled. As for Zhao Wugui, he gave them a few words in voice transmission.

Whether they nodded or shook their head, the cultivators immediately sat back down and asked nothing else.

These newly ascended cultivators more or less experienced difficulties in their cultivation. Apart from Han Li, all of them were unwilling to abandon the opportunity.

Furthermore, Han Li was cultivating the dual body magic cultivation art, the Provenance True Devil Arts. Although there were areas he didn’t understand, no one had cultivated it before, so he was disinclined to ask questions about it. He simply sat at the side.

Two hours later, everyone finished speaking and they began to trade their information to them for medicine pills.

With this, all one would expect from an ordinary meeting was fin

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