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It was clear that the figures were a result of Han Li’s abilities.

Following that, black light flashed from the top of the giant’s head. Another azure figure flickered into space and silently swept down.

However, the giant already anticipated this and he raised his head, releasing an emerald green beam of light from his head.

The beam of light was as thick as a barrel and incredibly fast. As a result, the azure figure was unable to dodge and took the blow directly.

A miserable scream sounded, followed by the fall of the azure figure.

The giant sneered.

But then, purple light shined from behind the figure, radiating brightly. Another silhouette inconceivable appeared. It waved its sleeve and released hundreds of golden specks of light.

The newly-appeared silhouette was Han Li.

At such a close distance, even the giant immediately sensed the azure figure, but he was too late to stop it.

He only heard the sharp patter of rain as the golden specks all struck the back of the giant.

Enraged, the giant roared and a large green hand warped, arriving above Han Li’s head. It overbearingly swept down.

Han Li didn’t panic. He unfolded his wings, wanting to flicker into a void.

But then, the giant flicked two of his fingers with a cold snort. Their fingernails shot off in a tremble and disappeared in a blur.

A moment later, two green streaks pierced through Han Li’s wings at inconceivable speed. The sounds of thunder suddenly stopped.

In great alarm, Han Li thought of another way to dodge, but it was too late.

The giant’s hand radiated with green light and Han Li felt his surroundings grow tense as if it had turned to steel. Even with the immense power of his body, Han Li’s movements slowed and he found it difficult to escape.

In that delay, the giant green hand firmly grabbed him.

The green giant’s strength was absolutely no weaker than Han Li’s.

The giant sinisterly smiled at seeing his strike land true and revealed a violent expression.

Green light surged through his hand as he exerted strength in his hand, intending on crushing Han Li alive.

Han Li’s face largely changed and he suddenly muttered an incantation. Azure light continued to surge through his body, glaring from the giant’s hand. Then, his body seemed to become crushed as it turned into specks of light.

The spirit light condensed in a nearby space, creating an azure talisman. Suddenly, it swept off into the distance.

The giant looked at the display with surprise.

A hundred meters away, space fluctuated, followed by the flicker of Han Li’s appearance. Although he was somewhat pale, he quickly collected himself and summoned the azure talisman into his hand.

As he found himself in a moment of peril, he used the Spiritform Talisman’s ability to substitute himself, thus allowing him to escape calamity and displace himself a distance away.

After tempering the talisman for so many years, the Spiritform

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