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Senior Zhu’s face turned pale. He wasn’t able to see through the cultivation of the golden-eyed Yaksha, but with a trace of hope in his heart, he asked, “The Yaksha Tribe! Our species have yet to fight. There was no reason to disturb our treasure hunt. What is the reason for surrounding us?”


The order came from the strongest of the hundred Yakshas, a woman that gave Senior Zhu an enchanting smile. However, her voice was unmistakably icy.

The surrounding Yakshas immediately brandished their huge axes and blades, launching fierce streaks of light from every direction towards the surrounded cultivators.

The situation was similar to how the human cultivators had launched full-scale attacks on the Black Blood Ants earlier, but with the positions reversed.

Although there was a large difference in numbers and powers between the humans and the foreign beings, Senior Zhu and the cultivators weren't about to succumb at the first blow. In their terror, the cultivators released their strongest treasures, blocking the barrage of attacks with their utmost power, causing a clash of rainbow lights. Among the cultivators, there where many that used evasion and concealment techniques to directly blur through space as they attempted to flee.

In furious alarm, Senior Zhu blurred and arrived at the beautiful woman’s side. The two clasped palms and blue-red light flickered from either of them. They then spat out a small flag.

The two small flags were densely covered in unknown talisman characters. As soon as the flags appeared, they glared with light and fused into one, creating a red-blue barrier that enveloped them both.

At that moment, the blade streaks swept through the air, wildly slashing at the barrier and leaving white marks.

In huge rumbling explosions, the streaks ruptured largely.

The human cultivators forcefully blocked the attacks for a moment with their various techniques and treasures, but soon, the attacks pierced through and completely submerged them.

Miserable screams shouted in succession after the explosions.

But several huge bladelights ceased attacking the group of cultivators. Instead, they shifted directions to the space far away.

White arcs strangely cross the air and crimson light lit up through the air. Several split corpses then appeared and fell.

These concealed cultivators weren’t able to escape the attention of the Yakshas and were easily killed.

At that moment, the light that the cultivators amassed turned dim.

What were originally over ten cultivators were reduced to a sparse six. Among them included the two Spatial Tempering cultivators.

Their protective treasure was truly powerful. It was able to block the combined attacks of the Yakshas. As for the others they had turned to ash.

Regardless of whether it was the Spatial Tempering cultivators’ huge flag, or the other cultivators’ several treasures, their light had turned dim with small cracks appearing

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