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"That's the head of a dragon! The head of a true dragon; definitely not the head of a mere wyrm!" Han Li was shocked as he looked up at the gargantuan creature in the distant sky.

The massive head in the sky was completely identical to the heads of true dragons he'd seen in tomes. Furthermore, the entire head was a shimmering golden color, as if it had been constructed entirely from gold. There were also a couple of tree-like golden horns on its head, and it was quite an intimidating being to behold.

"But it's not a true dragon? Its aura does indeed possess the might of a true dragon, but the spiritual power within its body is only comparable to a mid-Body Integration demonic cultivator at most. How could a True Spirit level being possess such paltry spiritual power?" Ye Chu exclaimed.

A cold light flashed through Ye Ying's eyes upon hearing Ye Chu's words, and she murmured to herself, "It's not a True Spirit level being, but it can reveal the body of a true dragon, which means its forcibly activating the blood of a true dragon, thereby allowing it to manifest such a form."

"The blood of a true dragon? Then the Long Family must be involved here." Ye Chu's brows furrowed with a cold expression.

"That is indeed most likely the case. I've always found it strange that the young master of the Long Family was assigned this mission not long after I was assigned the same mission. It looks like he's coming after me," Ye Ying chuckled coldly.

"He's coming after you, Young Mistress? Could it be because of that rumor..." A thought occurred to Ye Chu, and a stunned look appeared on her face.

"What rumor?" After activating his Great Development Technique, Han Li had finally recovered from that indescribable sense of intimidation, and he turned to Ye Ying with a dark expression.

"Hehe, all you have to know is that the young master of the Long Family is behind this, and that he's after the heavenly phoenix spirit blood in my body. However, seeing as they've decided to attack me here, they naturally aren't intending to let me escape alive. Our true spirit families had set up an agreement long ago, strictly prohibiting true spirit families from going after the true spirit bloodlines of other such families. If caught doing so, all of the other true spirit families would join forces to destroy that family. No matter how bold the young master of the Long Family is, there's no way he'd dare to attack me in human territory, which is why he followed me all the way to this place before setting his scheme into motion. However, a Deity Transformation cultivator like him won't be capable of activating true spirit blood alone. It's most likely the case that other Spatial Tempering cultivators from the Long Family have also come to this place," Ye Ying analyzed in a remarkably calm manner.

After hearing this and thinking back to the special attention Long Dong had paid to Ye Ying along this journey, he was mostly convinced that Ye Ying ha

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