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The sword formation was set up in mere moments, and as Han Li injected his spiritual power into it, a burst of astonishing spiritual pressure immediately rose up in all directions.

With the giant crimson sword at the center, countless glittering golden threads appeared in an area with a diameter of over 1,000 feet. All of these golden threads were slowly converging toward the center.

Even though neither of the Long Family cultivators had seen the Aureate Sword Formation before, their heart's still stirred with unease upon seeing this.

After glancing at one another, the cultivator who was wielding the crimson book suddenly made a hand seal. The crimson book flipped over a few pages in rapid succession, following which 10 crimson devilish shadows erupted forth and hurtled toward Han Li.

Even though they didn't believe that Han Li would be able to destroy the giant crimson sword, they certainly didn't want to allow him to attack the sword without inhibitions or impediment, either.

These crimson devilish shadows were all extremely blurry, and they appeared in the air close to Han Li following flashes of red light. However, Han Li was prepared for them well in advance, and he let loose a cold harrumph as he rubbed his hands together before raising them into the air.

Following a string of thunderclaps, a dozen or so arcs of golden light shot forth, striking these crimson shadows in a flash.

Most of these devilish shadows were destroyed amid howls of anguish, and the remaining few were also forced back as they let loose cries of agony.

Seeing as these devilish shadows had been summoned by a Spatial Tempering cultivator, they were naturally quite powerful and extremely potent against normal cultivators. They feared no physical attacks nor powers of the five elements, so they were extremely troublesome to deal with for the average cultivator. However, due to the dense devilish Qi that they were carrying, they were completely dominated by Han Li's Divine Devilbane Lightning.

Of course, they were only vanquished so easily as the improvements in Han Li's cultivation base had made his Divine Devilbane Lightning vastly more powerful than it had been in the human world. If Han Li was only at the Nascent Soul Stage, these devilish shadows would've most likely been more than capable of taking an attack of that nature from Han Li.

Han Li's display of abilities came as another surprise to the four cultivators who were locked in battle.

However, on this occasion, Han Li didn't wait for the Long Family cultivators to summon anything else. Instead, he took the initiative as the Weeping Soul Beast beside him harrumphed to send forth a streak of azure light, attacking the seven crimson-haired malicious ghosts that were fighting Ye Ying.

These seven malicious ghosts were quite powerful, but they naturally couldn't compare to the Faceless Ghost Monarch. As the azure light swept through the air, three of them were immediate

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