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"What? You're saying that Spatial Cloud Crystal was devoured by that giant beast, and that the beast is roaming the nearby area?" Han Li was rather incredulous.

"Indeed. At the time, the giant beast devoured most of the entire teleportation formation, including the Spatial Cloud Crystal, and it left this region of the sea immediately thereafter. However, someone discovered this beast again over 100 years ago in the deep sea to the south. On that occasion, it was discovered by a dozen or so upper race beings, but only two of them managed to escape while the others all died. During the next several decades after that, we arranged many hunting parties to try and kill this beast in order to repair our teleportation formation, but not only was this beast extremely powerful, it possessed brains and brawn in equal measure. When there were too many people around, it would hide deep within the sea and refuse to show itself, and it would only attack stragglers or small hunting parties. As such, many cultivators perished during our attempts to slay the beast, all to no avail," Qing Xiao sighed in a resigned manner.

"What kind of abilities does this beast possess to make it such a difficult opponent?" Han Li asked with a peculiar look on his face.

Generally speaking, regardless of how powerful a sea beast was, it would inevitably be slain if it were to be hunted down by a group of cultivators.

"We haven't been able to identify what species this beast is, but it seems to be a mutated sea beast. From a distance, it appears to be a massive whale, but it can expand or shrink as it pleases, and it's capable of unleashing a water movement technique that allows it to move extremely quickly in the sea. Even on the few occasions where we managed to force the beast into a dire situation, it was able to easily escape after unleashing that technique, thereby making all of our prior efforts go to waste. On top of that, the sea beast is extremely violent and ferocious. Aside from Layman Silver Shark, who's the most powerful cultivator in this region of the sea, no one dares to face the beast on their own," the young woman said with furrowed brows.

The elation on Han Li's face also faded upon hearing this. It appeared that things were not going to be as easy as he imagined.

However, a skeptical look then appeared on his face as he asked, "Will the Spatial Cloud Crystal still remain in the sea beast's body after so many years? Wouldn't it have been refined or absorbed already?"

"Rest assured, Senior, the Spatial Cloud Crystal possesses spatial-attribute powers, so there's no way to destroy it unless an attack imbued with spatial powers is used. That sea beast possesses a diverse range of powers and abilities, but it doesn't possess spatial-attribute powers. That's something that we've managed to ascertain after hunting it for so many years," Qing Xiao replied in a confident manner.

Han Li nodded in response before falling into deep thought.

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