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The four demon beasts departed after extending more words of gratitude, and Han Li sat within the hall as he summoned the wooden box holding the Blood Apricot again. He extricated the fruit from within the box before holding it between two of his fingers and carefully inspecting it.

"I've been looking for this for a long time; who would've thought it'd turn up on my doorstep without any effort? With this, I've secured yet another ingredient required to manifest the Provenance True Devil Projection. With the spirit medicines I found in the holy city of the Tian Peng Race, I'm only missing the legendary Flame Metal Essence now. After I find that, I'll be able to manifest the projection with the Golden Marrow Crystal Insects!" Han Li murmured to himself as a hint of excitement appeared on his face.

He then placed the fruit back into the wooden box, and it disappeared amid a flash of azure light.

After that, Han Li rose to his feet and made his way out of the hall.

Moments later, he'd arrived in a corner of the medicine garden in his cave abode.

There were 72 exuberant azure bamboo plants standing before him, each of which was around 10 feet tall and shimmering with a layer of faint golden light.

Han Li inspected these bamboo plants for a while before suddenly extending a hand toward the one that was closest to him.

In the instant that his finger came into the contact with one of the bamboo leaves, a loud thunderclap erupted, and an arc of golden lightning erupted from the trunk of the bamboo plant before striking the back of his hand in a merciless manner.

However, Han Li's hand instantly turned an inky-black color, and the arc of golden lightning was completely absorbed.

Han Li paid no heed to all of this as he closed his eyes, seemingly trying to sense something through the bamboo leaf held between his fingers.

After a long while, Han Li finally opened his eyes and released the bamboo leaf, but his brows were still tightly furrowed.

"This method is definitely working, but the conversion process seems to be slower than I expected. I should go and take care of some other matters for now," Han Li murmured to himself as he stroked his chin.

Golden light flashed from his body, and he sped out of the medicine garden as a streak of golden light, quickly disappearing out of sight.

Not long after that, Han Li appeared in another rectangular stone chamber.

There were seven or eight cauldrons of different sizes placed in a circle within the room, and a tall stone platform stood at the center. There was a large round bowl on the surface of the platform that was tightly covered by a white jade lid, and the lid was emanating a layer of faint white glacial Qi.

The lid had been constructed from a large chunk of Profound Ice.

On the wooden shelves positioned all around the stone chamber were various jars and vials of different sizes, from which a rich medicinal aroma was wafting through the air.

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