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"Fellow Daoists, this formation leads straight into the secret passageway. I'll be going ahead first." The big-headed being smiled before casting an incantation seal onto the teleportation formation.

White light flashed from the formation, and the big-headed being abruptly disappeared, leaving behind only the deity statue in his wake.

"Brother Yuan sure is resourceful to have installed a teleportation formation inside this puppet of his," the green-skinned being chuckled before also striding into the puppet's stomach, and he also cast an incantation seal onto the teleportation formation before abruptly vanishing on the spot.

"You can go before me, Brother Han," the being enshrouded in red light offered.

Han Li was rather surprised by this gesture, but his expression remained unchanged as he nodded and strode forward.

The teleportation was extremely quick, and Han Li appeared within a dim and dank cave before he had even experienced any discomfort.

He looked around to find that this was only a small cave just over 100 feet in size, but there was a glowing crystal hanging from the roof of the cave that illuminated his surroundings.

On one face of the cave was a square entrance to a passageway that was around 10 feet tall.

The big-headed being and the green-skinned being were already there, and the former was inspecting a formation plate in his hand with a grim look on his face, seemingly in deep thought about something.

Han Li's body swayed, and he exited the teleportation formation. Moments later, white light flashed within the formation once again, and the being enshrouded under red light also appeared.

Seeing as everyone was present, the big-headed being raised his head with a smile and was just about to say something, when a dull rumbling erupted around them from all directions, and the entire cave began to tremor slightly.

Everyone's expressions immediately changed slightly in response to this alarming development.

"Let's hurry up and get out of here; the city's protective barrier won't last much longer," the green-skinned being urged.

"Alright, I'll lift the restrictions on the city gates so everyone else can flee first." The big-headed being nodded with a solemn expression before tossing the formation plate in his hand into the air before making a rapid series of hand seals.

Incantation seals of different colors disappeared into the formation plate in quick succession, following which the plate suddenly exploded amid a dull thump.

Han Li's trio were all quite taken aback by this.

Detonating a formation plate normally brought about much severer implications than just lifting a restriction.

The big-headed being seemed to have sensed their bewilderment, and he chuckled, "I've already activated a self-detonation formation below Green Light City, and the entire city will be reduced to ashes in two hours."

A chill immediately ran down Han Li's spine upon hearing this.


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