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He couldn't see what was happening outside the clump of crimson threads, but he knew that he had to have been drawn into the black hole. Otherwise, such a peculiar occurrence wouldn't have taken place.

In his urgency, Han Li slapped a palm toward his own glabella.

Black light flashed there, following which a black eyeball emerged.

It was none other than the Law Destruction Eye that Han Li had cultivated arduously for many years.

Seeing as ordinary attacks were completely ineffective against the crimson threads, he could only use this ability that specifically targeted restrictions.

In his desperation, Han Li had made the right decision.

A beam of black light that was as thick as a finger shot forth from within the Law Destruction Eye, puncturing the seemingly indestructible crimson threads with ease.

The thin beam of light then swiped across to slice open a 10-feet-long opening in the clump of crimson threads.

Han Li was initially quite surprised that his Law Destruction Eye had managed to sever the crimson threads so easily, following which an ecstatic look appeared on his face.

He immediately flapped his wings without any hesitation, flying out through the opening created by the beam of black light in a flash.

The spiritual light around him then flashed before Han Li appeared within the black hole while his wings continued to flap incessantly.

This wasn't because he was unleashing some kind of movement technique. Instead, he required the Thunderstorm Wings' flight abilities just to stay aloft in the air.

Otherwise, he was going to immediately plummet straight into the depths of the black hole.

Ghostly howls erupted in the surrounding area, and countless crimson projections rushed toward him.

Han Li's expression darkened as he rubbed his hands together, and a loud thunderclap erupted as countless arcs of golden lightning erupted from his hands.

These arcs of lightning were all extremely thick, far more so than the Divine Devilbane Lightning that Han Li had used in the past.

This was one of the additional unexpected benefits of employing the sword-planting method; not only had the newly refined flying swords completely absorbed the spiritual Qi within the Golden Lightning Bamboo, they had also absorbed the Divine Devilbane Lightning imbued within the bamboo.

As a result, not only had his flying swords been refined to become pure wood-attribute swords, the Divine Devilbane Lightning they contained was far more plentiful and powerful than before.

Hence, they naturally appeared to be a lot more unstoppable now when unleashed by Han Li.

Following a burst of rumbling explosions, the vast expanse of golden lightning flashed and repelled all of the oncoming crimson projections. However, there were simply too many of them, and it seemed as if there were no end to these crimson shadows, which were pouncing toward Han Li in swarms without any fear for their own safety. Some of th

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