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The skeletal bird was startled by this, but remained unflustered as it swiped its massive talons toward the oncoming blue light.

Dozens of inky-black claw projections appeared before hurtling forth like sharp swords, striking the blue light amid a resounding boom

Dozens of rifts were instantly sliced into the blue light by the claw projections, making it appear as if it were a shredded rag.

However, the blue light returned to its original condition following a flash of spiritual light, but all of the claw projections were trapped within the blue light before being sealed in chunks of blue ice.

The blue light then swept into the air above the skeletal bird's head before crashing down with devastating might.

The skeletal bird's central head let loose a sharp cry of shock and fury as it abruptly flapped both of its massive bony wings at once.

Two bursts of grey Qi erupted from the wings before striking the descending blue light, and as the two clashed and intertwined amid bursts of rumbling akin to loud thunderclaps.

The blue light then intensified in brightness before quickly engulfing the grey Qi, then transforming into blocks of ice of different sizes that hovered in mid-air.

However, the blue light was also unable to descend any further as a result, and was kept at bay by the relentless grey Qi.

Just as a stalemate was beginning to eventuate, a startling turn of events unfolded.

The skeletal bird let loose an eerie cry, and light flashed within the blocks of ice before countless holes suddenly appeared on their smooth surfaces. Grey Qi then surged out of those holes in a frenzy before instantly engulfing the blocks of ice and reducing them to nothingness.

The grey Qi possessed powerful corrosive attributes, and it took only the span of a few breaths to completely eradicate the blocks of ice and blue light up above.

"As expected, this Nine-headed Bird still possesses some of its baleful Qi from when it was alive, but let's see just how much of that it's managed to retain!" the crimson-haired being mused in a cold voice.

Immediately thereafter, the blue light began to tremor violently, then increase significantly in brightness, following which countless balls of blue light shot forth from within.

These were fist-sized balls of light that appeared to be almost substantial, and as soon as they appeared, they hurtled toward the skeletal bird amid an unsettling screeching sound.

The skeletal bird had witnessed the power of the blue light already, so it naturally wasn't going to make the mistake of underestimating its enemy's attacks again. Thus, its central head immediately spread open its beak to expel another burst of grey Qi.

This stream of grey Qi combined with the other two that were gushing from its wings, and they swept toward the blue balls of light in unison, following which loud explosions erupted.

All of the balls of light transformed into ice lotus flowers, only to be co

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