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The Fire Moon being's expression immediately changed as his two treasures flew on ahead with ferocious might at his behest. At the same time, he began to chant something as if he were going to unleash some other powerful ability. The giant silver blade and golden wyrm projection plunged into the massive azure lotus flower, and both of them disappeared without a trace.

The Fire Moon being's heart sank upon seeing this, and he stopped cold in his tracks.

Right at this moment, the azure lotus flower suddenly began to radiate scintillating light, following which a massive wave of light surged forth.

The Fire Moon being was quite startled to see this, and he immediately unleashed the ability that he'd been preparing without any hesitation.

Red light swirled all over his body as countless palm-sized red blades of light appeared out of thin air. All of the red blades flew around him at his behest, forming a red tornado that shielded his body within.

The Fire Moon being finally heaved an internal sigh of relief, and in the next instant, the azure wave of light swept in a completely soundless manner.

The Fire Moon being's heart jolted, and he focused his gaze around him as his surroundings blurred, following which he found himself on a lush grassland.

There were countless blades of exuberant green grass growing around him along with wild flowers of many types of different colors. The cries of different birds could also be heard in the distance. It was quite a mesmerizing scene of natural beauty, and the Fire Moon being involuntarily relaxed upon seeing this.

However, his eyes only glazed over for a split second before he returned to his senses, and exclaimed, "This is an illusion!"

He hurriedly cast his gaze upward to find blue skies with a few white clouds overhead, and he discovered that there was no end in sight to the grasslands he was situated on.

The spot where the Fire Moon being was standing was quite soft and lush, and the air around him was filled with the refreshing scent of nature. This illusion was completely flawless; he really did feel as if he were situated on a vast grassland!


The Fire Moon being let loose a loud cry as a grim expression appeared on his face. He then bit open the tip of his tongue while raising both of his hands up into the air at the same time, and the red blades of wind around him suddenly shot forth in all directions.

A series of white rifts were sliced into thin air, and it was as if these sharp red blades were capable of slicing open space itself.

In the face of the violent assault from these red blades of light, the surroundings scenes began to blur, following which the grasslands and the blue skies vanished.

The Fire Moon being was quite elated to see this. It was rather surprising that such an extraordinary-looking illusionary technique had been broken so easily.

However, a smile had only just appeared on his face when a piercing burst of g

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