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At this point, the other serpentine beings had already finished dismembering the giant crab, and they wrapped up all of the materials and flesh secured from its carcass in soft beasthide before carrying them on their backs.

These beasthide packages were each over 20 feet tall, and were almost the twice the size of the serpentine beings that were under them.

However, these beings were able to carry these packages with ease, clearly indicating that they were extremely strong.

The four women carried Han Li over to the group, and their leader issued an instruction, prompting the group to depart from the valley.

Only after exiting the valley did Han Li discover that the ocean was only several kilometers away from here.

With the sea so close to this place, it was no wonder that creatures like the giant crab would rush into the valley from time to time.

However, the surface of the ocean was very placid at the moment. There was the occasional salty breeze that would blow past, but there weren't any particularly strong waves to be seen. It was exactly because of this that Han Li hadn't heard the sounds of the ocean tide in the valley.

The serpentine beings carried Han Li along the seashore for a while as Han Li inspected his surroundings, and he quickly discovered that this wasn't the seashore of some continent. Instead, he was situated on an island that didn't appear to be very big.

After traveling for about 10 more kilometers, the group arrived in front of a pile of rocks, between which were parked seven or eight thin and long bone boats.

There was one particularly large one among them that could carry around four or five people, while all of the other ones appeared to only be capable of carrying around two people each.

Each of these bone boats had a pointy end while the other end consisted of carvings of all types of different beastly heads.

Han Li and two of the women got onto the largest boat while the others boarded the other smaller boats, and they set off into the ocean as the bone oars on the boats sliced through the waves.

With their remarkable strength and stamina, the serpentine beings were able to row their oars almost without any pause, and the boats sped through the waves like arrows.

The ocean was extremely calm, and no sea beasts attacked the boats, thereby culminating in quite a smooth journey.

After just two hours, a black spot appeared up ahead, and it was another island.

Han Li narrowed his eyes as blue light flashed within his pupils, and he was able to make a rough appraisal of the island from afar.

The island was a medium-sized one that was several hundred kilometers in area, and it was filled with undulating mountains as well as lush forests, making it quite a good place to inhabit.

However, there was a hint of red visible at the pinnacle of the tallest mountain on the island while the rest of the mountain seemed to be covered in ashes and soot; it was a volcano

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