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Right at this moment, a dull rumbling thump suddenly erupted from the outside the stone gate, following which the layer of white spiritual light surfaced along the walls. The spiritual light flashed sporadically, and the ground tremored violently as if the entire building were about to collapse.

"What's going on?"

These tremors naturally couldn't harm these three Spatial Tempering Stage beings in any way, but they were all still quite alarmed by this sudden development. The green-skinned being exchanged a glance with the big-headed being before both of them rushed out of the hall in unison. One of them transformed into a streak of azure light that flew out of the building while the other merely blurred before disappearing on the spot.

Even though there was a flight restriction imposed on the entire plaza, beings of their cultivation base could naturally still fly if they wanted to; doing so would only expend more magic power than normal.

Han Li didn't waste any time, either. He glanced at the teleportation formation and hesitated momentarily before abruptly sweeping a sleeve through the air. A streak of azure light shot forth before revolving around the formation, completely demolishing it before the streak of azure light returned to him.

Only then did Han Li exit the hall, leaving a trail of afterimages in his wake.

As soon as he emerged from the stone hall, he discovered that the entire plaza had been plunged into complete chaos. Countless beings were scrambling to rush into the buildings around plaza while a blue light barrier had appeared in the air above, seemingly encompassing the entire city beneath it.

In the air above the light barrier, countless head-sized balls of white light were raining down in a torrential assault.

The balls of white light exploded as they crashed into the light barrier, and the latter tremored violently amid resounding booms, seemingly only barely able to withstand the ferocious attacks.

Han Li was quite stunned to see this, and he hurriedly cast his gaze outside of the light barrier as blue light flashed through his eyes.

Moments later, Han Li's eyelids twitched as he drew a sharp breath.

Through the use of his spirit eyes ability, he had identified what was unleashing the oncoming attacks.

A gigantic island had appeared in the air at altitudes of around 30,000 to 40,000 feet.

That's right, it was a shimmering island that appeared to have been forged from pure silver, and it was close to 100,000 feet in size. The entire island was riddled with white crystalline pillars that were shimmering with countless runes. These pillars were blasting forth one ball of light after another that were crashing down upon the light barrier overhead.

Meanwhile, the big-headed being pulled out a blue mirror and looked into it before his expression changed drastically, and he suddenly exclaimed, "This is bad; that’s a giant battle ark of the Jiao Chi Race! How could this be? Co

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