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The upper bodies of these humanoid figures on the Black Armor Beasts were those of women with purple skin and dark green eyes. All of them had long shoulder-length hair and were wearing suits of black armor while wielding all types of black weapons, creating a stark contrast with their gorgeous features.

However, once the women leaped down from the giant cow beasts and revealed their full bodies, Han Li's pupils abruptly contracted.

These women possessed lower bodies of centipedes!

Even Han Li couldn't help but shudder at the sight of these beautiful women with abhorrent centipede lower bodies.

These women seemed to have all been well-trained, and they managed to arrange themselves in an orderly formation in mere moments.

One of the higher ranking beings among them abruptly stepped strode toward the earthen wall, and a smile suddenly appeared on her face. However, this was a grotesque smile that literally spread from ear to ear, revealing rows of small sharp teeth and a serpentine forked tongue.

What had been a beautiful woman just a moment ago had suddenly transformed into a sinister nightmarish creature. It would not be impossible for a more cowardly person to faint from fear upon witnessing these beings for the first time.

Han Li naturally wasn't that inept, but he had still been given a massive fright.

The woman and Bai Zhu'er looked on with grim expressions, while hints of fear crept into the eyes of all of the other priests present.

"Hmph, so what if these are Black Rakshasa beings? They're just a bunch of pathetic cowards that managed to escape the extermination tens of thousands of years ago through sheer luck! Our Naga Race was able to eradicate them so many years ago, and we can replicate that feat now! The other two races must have only been destroyed as they'd been caught completely off-guard. In contrast, we've set up ample defenses in advance, so we have nothing to fear," the woman harrumphed coldly as she swept a sleeve toward the crystal ball.

Red light instantly flashed, and the entire formation ceased functioning, following which the image being broadcasted by the crystal ball also abruptly disappeared.

All of the other white-robed serpentine beings stirred upon hearing this, and they immediately bowed as they nodded in agreement. Following the woman's brief yet rousing speech, all of them had been injected with renewed courage, and the fear in their eyes was immediately wiped away.

Han Li's expression changed slightly upon seeing this, and a hint of a meaningful smile appeared on his face.

The woman didn't appear to have done anything, but in reality, she's unleashed a secret technique while spurring on the priests present.

The secret technique was quite discreet, but it was naturally unable to escape Han Li's notice, seeing as he'd cultivated the Great Development Technique.

Otherwise, it would not have been so easy to reinvigorate these low-grade priests.


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