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Moments later, Han Li entered his secret chamber before sitting down with his legs crossed.

His pupils then contracted slightly as he inspected his surroundings and caught sight of three greyish-white stone blocks in one corner of the secret chamber.

Those were none other than the chunks of the stone block he'd obtained from the underwater cave abode belonging to that blue wyrm. Back then, he'd used his Gold Devouring Beetles to split the stone block into three, but he was too busy with cultivation to pay any heed to this treasure.

The material was extraordinarily heavy, and Han Li had originally intended to refine it into some kind of treasures, but all of the Gold Devouring Beetles that had consumed some of this material then began to mutate, and that made Han Li rather hesitant.

The fact that this thing was able to make fully matured Gold Devouring Beetles mutate again was a sign of just how precious it was. However, spirit insect mutation wasn't necessarily always a good thing. Even though most mutations resulted in positive enhancements, there were also quite a few instances where the contrary proved to be true.

At the very least, aside from the fact that his Gold Devouring Beetles had attained more resolute bodies and grown heavier, Han Li was yet to identify any other changes.

Generally speaking, it was very difficult for spirit insects that had mutated once to mutate for a second time, which was why he hadn't fed this entire stone block to his Gold Devouring Beetles, and why it had been so difficult for him to decide just how he was going to use this material.

However, he was very intrigued by the Gold Devouring Beetle Monarch that the elderly man had mentioned, so he certainly wasn't going to recklessly induce mutations in his Gold Devouring Beetles again. Otherwise, if he were to obtain the method to nurture the beetle monarch someday, only to find that it didn't apply to his beetles anymore due to their mutations, that would be quite a devastating blow.

Furthermore, during his journey, Han Li had thought of a better way to use this incredibly heavy stone.

Thus, blue light flashed within his eyes, and he raised an arm to reveal an inky-black hand within his robes.

His five fingers tremored slightly, and black light flashed over his palm, following which a miniature mountain that was only several inches in size appeared.

The mountain instantly expanded to around 10 feet in size amid a flash of grey light before hovering in front of Han Li.

Golden light flashed from Han Li's body as the projection with three heads and six arms surfaced behind him, and he let loose a low cry as the six arms of the projection made a grabbing motion in unison toward the stone blocks in the corner.

Several years ago, prior to fusing the true spirit bloods of the Kun Peng and the Five-Colored Peacock into his body, Han Li wouldn't have been able to move these stone blocks by grabbing at them from afar.

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