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For some reason, a sense of peril welled up in the elderly man's spiritual sense at the sight of the seemingly ordinary five-colored light sword.

He immediately opened his mouth to expel a shimmering red flying sword without any hesitation. The sword was around three feet in length, and it was as glittering and translucent as if it had been forged from crystal.

The flying sword flashed through the air as a streak of azure light, hurtling directly toward that unsettling five-colored light sword.

A cold harrumph rang out in the air above, and the five-colored sword abruptly slashed through the air again.

The streak of crimson light instantly shuddered before reverting back to its original form as a flying sword, then plummeting directly downward.

The sword had shrunk down to only several inches in length, but a sizeable chink had appeared on its blade. Even though it hadn't been sliced in half by the light sword, it had clearly been severely damaged.

In the instant that the flying sword was damaged, the elderly man's face paled slightly, indicating that he'd also sustained internal injuries as a result.

However, after unleashing two attacks, the dazzling light emanating from the five-colored light sword had dimmed significantly, and many of the runes hovering around it had also vanished.

A sinister look appeared on the elderly man's face he let loose a long cry.

The three-colored light that had just been sliced apart surged toward his body before forming a suit of antiquated three-colored armor.

The suit of armor didn't appear to be of a wooden or metallic material, and it covered his entire body from head to toe, leaving only a pair of holes for his eyes.

From a distance, it appeared that he had transformed into an armored giant.

Immediately thereafter, the elderly man raised both arms into the air, and three-colored light flashed as an antiquated giant sword appeared in his hand.

The elderly man clenched both hands around the hilt of the sword before positioning it in front of his body, and an astonishing burst of baleful Qi instantly erupted into the heavens.

At the same time, the blue pouch and golden flag descended from above, revolving around the elderly man as a streak of blue light and a streak of golden light, respectively.

Han Li's eyelids twitched involuntarily as he looked on from his hiding spot within the light barrier.

Only after borrowing the world's origin Qi that had been absorbed by the sword formation was he able to just barely unleash that ability, which had been named as the Origin Qi Sword Gourd by Qing Yuanzi. The ability manifested a gourd and used the sword Qi from the 72 Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords as a seed, then drew upon the world's origin Qi to nurture a devastatingly powerful Origin Qi Sword.

The ability was extremely powerful, but it also required an astonishing amount of the world's origin Qi to be unleashed.

The two slashes that had just

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