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A thick pillar of light with a diameter of over 1,000 feet erupted from the center of the formation, enveloping Han Li in a flash, affording him no time to evade with its rapid speed.

Han Li was quite stunned by this development, and the pillar of light was somehow able to directly bypass the Divine Essencefused Mountain overhead before striking him.

As soon as the crimson light rained down on him, Han Li found himself completely immobilized, unable to move so much as a single finger.

Han Li's expression changed drastically as the azure lotus flowers around him flashed before reverting back to flying swords that were each around a foot in length, then flying through the air as streaks of sword Qi at his behest.

The sword Qi flashed through the puncturing the pillar of light and emerging on the other side with ease, as if t were merely an illusion. However, Han Li was still completely immobilized, as if the air around him had turned into steel essence that had bound his body and limbs.

Han Li drew a sharp breath as his current predicament dawned on him.

Crimson runes of different sizes began to emerge from the formation up above, and Han Li knew that he couldn't hold back any longer.

He let loose a loud cry as golden light shimmered all over his body, following which the Provenance True Devil Projection appeared.

The projection was seated in mid-air with its legs crossed while making seals with its six hands.

A golden halo then radiated from the projection's body, and ripples were swept up within the crimson pillar of light around Han Li.

At the same time, the restrictive feeling in the air lessened slightly, and Han Li was naturally quite ecstatic to see this. He immediately began to chant something to accelerate the circulation of his magic power, thereby activating his Provenance True Devil Arts to their maximal extent.

However, right at this moment, brilliant crimson light suddenly erupted from the formation overhead.

Immediately thereafter, the crimson runes at the center of the formation dispersed to reveal a massive black hole that was around 100 feet in size. Countless crimson shadows could be seen lurking within the hole amid ghastly howls and eerie sobs.

The crimson pillar of light also began to rotate at high speed.

Han Li felt the pressure around his body intensify once again, and the limited degree of freedom he'd recovered instantly vanished again.

At the same time, countless runes emerged within the golden light around him before surging toward his body.


Despite how calm and steadfast Han Li normally was, even he had turned deathly pale in the face of this ordeal.

He didn't know how powerful these runes were, but he was completely immobilized within this restriction, so he was nothing but a sitting duck.

In his desperation, Han Li activated his sword arts, and the flying swords around him flashed before appeared around him, then conjured up countle

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