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The two women were naturally ecstatic at the sight of the carcass, and Qing Xiao heaved a long sigh of relief before extending a grateful bow toward Han Li.

"Thank you for taking care of this abhorrent beast, Senior Han. Not only did you save the two of us, you've also saved countless more beings on our Flame Coral Islands who would've undoubtedly perished to this thing."

The woman in black had also adopted a more respectful demeanor as she chimed in, "Indeed. Even Layman Silver Shark was no match for this monster; if it had been allowed to wreak havoc to its heart’s content, then countless lives would've been lost. We are extremely grateful that you've eradicated such a major threat to everyone, Senior Han!"

"There's no need to thank me. This beast was a little troublesome to deal with, but I just so happen to have mastered a few cultivation arts that are perfect for combating its abilities."

"You're far too modest, Senior. This is the first time this being has appeared here, and at the time, we were discussing with our fellow Daoists a course of action to hunt down that sea beast. All of a sudden, this moth flew out of the mist and onto the island, and many of our fellow Daoists were caught off guard before falling to its roars. Thankfully, Layman Silver Shark managed to delay the beast for short while, thereby allowing some of us to escape. Otherwise, we would've most likely all perished already." There was still a hint of fear in Qing Xiao's eyes as she recalled the horrors of the monstrous moth.

Han Li's brows furrowed as he nodded before turning to the group of young men and women who had just emerged from the pavilion.

"Are these the native inhabitants of this island? Their constitutions seem to be rather special, but they're not cultivators."

"Hehe, these are Glacial Essence beings. These beings are unable to draw the world's origin Qi into their bodies, but they can blast some glacial Qi out of their mouths, and they'll maintain their appearances after reaching full maturity, only reverting to their rightful elderly appearance in the instant that they pass away from old age. They're considered to be a rather rare race with a population of only around 10,000 on the entire Flame Coral Islands. However, due to the fact that the race can't produce any cultivators, they're forced to become subsidiaries to other powerful races or prominent powers. This group of Glacial Essence beings are the servants of the late Layman Silver Shark," the woman in black explained.

"Now that Layman Silver Shark is dead, they'll have to seek protection from another power," Qing Xiao sighed, seemingly feeling rather sympathetic toward these Glacial Essence beings.

"Oh? That's quite interesting!" This was the first time that Han Li had heard of such a race, and he couldn't help but take an extra glance at this group of beings.

Upon hearing the conversation between Han Li and the two women, the white-robed woman who appeared

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