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There was a courtyard consisting of several green wooden cabins situated at the foot of the small mountain, and the cloud stopped in front of the courtyard as the woman turned to Han Li with a smile.

"What do you think of this place, Senior Han?"

Han Li took a deep breath, and he nodded with a pleased expression as he sensed the rich spiritual Qi surging toward him.

The woman was ecstatic to see this, and the white cloud immediately descended into the courtyard at her behest. She pushed open the doors of one of the wooden cabins, then turned to Han Li, preparing to carry him into the cabin.

However, Han Li suddenly smiled at this moment, and said, "There's no need to trouble you any further, Fellow Daoist; I can go in on my own."

Han Li's body swayed as he spoke, and he stood up on the white cloud before slowly hovering down from it.

The woman was quite startled to see this.

"My injuries still haven't healed, but I can at least move around now," Han Li explained with a smile.

"Then I must congratulate you, Senior. I was considering sending a few of my disciples over to look after you, but it seems that won't be necessary now; I'm sure you don't want to be disturbed, Senior," the woman said as her expression reverted back to normal.

"Indeed, I'd rather not have anyone close to me while I recover from my injuries. This is quite a good place; I'll stay here for a while. It'd be best if you could get that Scorching Sun Divine Pill to me as soon as possible. If it really does prove to be effective, I'll do my best to recover as quickly as possible, and I'll be sure to do what I can for your race thereafter," Han Li said with a serious expression.

"Of course, Senior. It's just that the Scorching Sun Divine Pill is still being nurtured within the earthen flames, so it'll take me several days to extract it. I hope that's alright with you, Senior," the woman explained.

"I'm naturally willing to wait a few days. You can go now; I'd like some rest," Han Li replied with a calm nod.

Seeing as Han Li was asking her to leave, the woman naturally obliged. She immediately extended a respectful bow toward Han Li before departing from the courtyard atop her white cloud.

Han Li stood on the spot and looked on as the white cloud disappeared into the distance. Only then did he turn around and walk into the wooden cabin that had been prepared for him.

The cabin wasn't very large, and it was only sparsely furnished with some wooden furniture.

Han Li didn't look at anything else; he made his way straight over to the wooden bed in one corner of the room, then sat down upon it with his legs crossed.

He exhaled as an exhausted look appeared on his face.

"Just standing up for a while has completely expended all of the magic power I'd just saved up. Looks like I really have lost far too much blood essence," Han Li murmured to himself. He then brushed a hand over his storage bracelet, and faint white light f

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