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Han Li didn't know what kind of ability those invisible fluctuations were, but even his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords were completely unable to withstand it.

Qing Xiao and her companion's faces paled again upon seeing this.

They'd only opened up a little bit of distance between themselves and the giant moth at this point, so if it were to let loose its roars again, they would still be in a dire situation.

However, Han Li remained completely unflustered at the sight of his flying swords being destroyed. Instead, he harrumphed coldly and made a rapid series of hand seals before pointing a finger toward the distance.

An astonishing scene then ensued!

The countless azure flying sword fragments suddenly began to emit a loud buzzing sound while revolving around the massive moth. The fragments then joined together to form 72 azure flying swords again, and the two women were struck by a sense of deja vu as they witnessed those swords slicing the giant moth into countless pieces once again.

Han Li had naturally just unleashed his flying swords' voidform ability, and the two women were truly flabbergasted.

However, they quickly came to their senses and flew even faster over to Han Li before stopping right beside him.

"Thank you for saving our lives, Senior. However, this monster is too powerful; we should run away while we still can," Qing Xiao said in an urgent voice.

"You two can do as you please. I'm rather interested in this thing, so I want to see if I can kill it," Han Li replied in a calm manner.

"Senior, we don't know where this beast came from, but it's extraordinarily powerful; even Layman Silver Shark suffered a terrible death at its hands. I think it's best to retreat first and work out a strategy before returning to try and hunt it down." The woman in black was clearly also of the opinion that a temporary retreat was the best option.

Even though Han Li just displayed the abilities of his powerful flying swords, the two women still didn't think that he'd actually be able to defeat the monstrous moth.

"Rest assured, you two; even if I can't defeat it, it'll be no problem for me to ensure self-preservation." Han Li shook his head with a faint smile.

At this moment, grey light flashed in the distance, and the giant moth's body regenerated back to its original form again. However, the monster had flown into a thunderous rage, having been killed twice in quick succession, and it began to roar and flap its wings with even greater ferocity.

Earthshattering booms akin to loud thunderclaps rang out as a series of ripples radiated from the moth's body, proliferating in all directions in a frenzy.

All of the flying swords exploded into even smaller pieces than before.

However, the massive moth had learned its lesson from last time, and it continued to flap its wings violently without any respite.

The moth was being kept at bay by the flying swords, so it wasn't able to approach Han Li,

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