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The crab was quite massive in stature, but it certainly wasn't slow. Within moments, it had reached within 70 to 80 feet of Han Li, and it'd be able to attack him with its giant claws after just one more flying lunge.

A cold light flashed through Han Li's eye as his lower abdomen bulged slightly. At the same time, his puckered his lips together as if he were about to blast something out of his mouth.

Right at this moment, a sharp screech rang out, following which a streak of silver light flashed through the air before striking the giant crab's body.

The crab's azure exoskeleton appeared to be indestructible, but the silver light was able to force its way through before plunging into the crab's body.

A jet of green blood erupted forth, and the streak of silver light was revealed to be a silver trident that was around 10 feet long. However, its upper half had been completely plunged into the giant crab's back, and only its lower half could be seen.

Having been wounded by that trident, the giant crab let loose an earthshattering screech before immediately rushing toward the opening in the valley.

The attack clearly hadn't inflicted any substantial wounds, but had merely enraged the giant crab instead.

Han Li faltered upon seeing this before hurriedly also turning his gaze toward the opening of the valley.

There, he discovered a dozen or so humanoid figures of different heights.

There were both male and female humanoid figures around them, and all of them were holding shimmering silver javelins, tridents, and other weapons that were made to be hurled. The men among them had their musclebound arms exposed while the women wore tight-fitting short-sleeved leather garments, and all of them gave off a tough and formidable aura.

However, when Han Li's gaze swept over their lower bodies, a surprised look instantly appeared on his face.

The lower limbs of these humanoid figures didn't consist of pairs of legs; instead, all of them had serpentine lower bodies of different thicknesses and colors, as well as layers of faintly visible scales.

These were definitely foreign beings, and they seemed to be from a foreign race that he'd never heard of.

Before Han Li had a chance to consider this notion any further, the giant crab was already almost upon these beings.

The burly man at the forefront of the ground let loose a low roar, and all of his companions quickly organized themselves into two orderly rows with six men at the front and seven women at the back.

The man let loose a loud cry, and everyone in the front row hurled their silver projectiles at once.

Six streaks of silver light flashed before striking the giant crab's body, but the projectiles were only half-buried into its shell, thus unable to inflict any substantial damage. Instead, the giant crab only became more enraged as green blood flowed down its body. It opened its mouth to blast forth a ball of putrid white froth.

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