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Han Li hurriedly cast his gaze around him, and what he saw came as quite a surprise to him.

He was situated at the edge of a massive plaza that was tens of thousands of feet in size. The plaza had been paved using some kind of white stone, and there were countless beings situated on top of it.

Most of these beings were humanoid in nature and wearing different types of armor.

Some of them had extraordinarily long rabbit-like ears, some had black fur all over their bodies, some were as tall and broad as massive apes, and some were completely encapsulated in suits of shimmering golden armor that made it impossible to glean their appearance. There were even some humanoid beings with serpentine lower bodies; these were clearly beings from the Naga Race.

The most common demographic among them was a type of green-skinned foreign beings. All of them wore suits of green armor and wielded shimmering red halberds.

Despite the diversity in the species among these beings, one thing remained constant, and that was that all of them wore extremely concerned looks on their faces.

There were some beings among them who were emanating magic power fluctuations, but most of them were at around the Foundation Establishment Stage or the Core Formation Stage. There were Nascent Soul Stage and Deity Transformation Stage beings among them as well, but those beings totaled only around 100. All of them were gathered in groups of varying sizes while discussing something, and Han Li quickly swept his spiritual sense throughout the plaza to discover a group consisting of three Spatial Tempering Stage foreign beings, a discovery that came as quite a surprise to him.

According to Qing Xiao, he should have been teleported to a small city inhabited by several small races, and generally speaking, the most powerful beings here would normally only be a handful of Deity Transformation cultivators.

Under normal circumstances, there would only be around 4,000 to 5,000 cultivators in the entire city, but at present, there were tens of thousands of cultivators gathered on this plaza alone, among which were several that were of the same cultivation base as him, so how could he not be surprised?

Could it be that this Green Light City had undergone some kind of drastic transformation during the thousands of years that the teleportation formation had been in disrepair?

Furthermore, his spiritual sense could detect faint restriction fluctuations over the entire plaza, and everyone standing on the ground with not even a single being rising up into the air, so there was clearly a flight restriction in place.

Han Li took a deep breath before slowly making his way toward the bustling crowd.

Just as Han Li was about to inquire someone about the situation, a dwarven Spatial Tempering Stage foreign being with a disproportionately large and complete hairless head suddenly pulled out a wooden disk with a confused look on his face.

The disk was flashi

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