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After the two women departed from the wooden cabin, its doors remained shut for 10 consecutive days.

During this time, the defenses on Firecloud Island were bolstered significantly.

Not only did all of the serpentine beings no longer travel to other islands to hunt and collect materials, the entire race retreated into the earthen city, and all of the major restrictions in the city were activated despite the vast expenditure of spirit stones that doing so would incur.

The earthen city walls had seemed to be extremely frail and vulnerable before, but they had since been enshrouded under three layers of light barrier that were crimson, yellow, and green, respectively.

There were also several thousand elite serpentine warriors within the city that were heavily armed and ensuring that the city was constantly patrolled.

At the same time, all of the Fire Yang Race priests had gathered together, and all of them were priming themselves for the upcoming battle alongside their high priestess and her daughter.

The palace they were situated in had also been enshrouded under a layer of five-colored light, and the source from which the five-colored light was emanating was none other than that conical treasure at the center of the plaza.

As for the normal serpentine beings within the earthen city, all of them had received instructions from the higher-ups telling them to stay at home unless they absolutely had to come out.

A tense and oppressive atmosphere naturally settled over the earthen city as a result.

On this day, just as the priests were meditating within the palace, a voice suddenly pierced through the restriction outside and sounded directly within the hall that they were situated in.

"Fellow Daoist Huo, I've already refined the pill and come out of seclusion. Please open up the restriction and let me come in."

The voice belonged to none other than Han Li.

The white-robed priests were all stirred upon hearing this while an ecstatic look appeared on the woman's face.

It was naturally impossible for her not to be worried that Han Li would break his promise and depart as soon as he recovered. However, the entire race was in grave peril, and she had no alternatives. Giving the pill to him could earn them a powerful ally, whereas refraining from doing so would spell certain doom.

Thankfully, she'd made the right gamble, and Han Li hadn't broken his promise to her.

Thus, the woman immediately flipped her hand over to produce a shimmering red jade disk with an elated look on her face, then tapped it a few times with her finger.

The five-colored light barrier around the palace flashed before an opening appeared, but it only took the span of a few breaths before the barrier sealed over again.

During this brief window of time, golden light flashed outside the palace gates, and a humanoid figure appeared, seemingly out of thin air, before making his way into the palace in an unhurried manner.

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