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The young man faltered slightly upon seeing the projection and scales that Han Li had conjured but, but he didn't slow down in the slightest as he slashed his twin sabers through the air toward Han Li. A pair of black saber formations instantly hurtled forth in a cross formation. As soon as these saber projections appeared, all of the nearby black mist surged toward them in a frenzy.

The two saber projections instantly swelled to around twice their original size before reaching Han Li in the blink of an eye.

Han Li's eyelids twitched as his hands blurred slightly, and a pair of golden longswords suddenly appeared in his grasp. With a flick of his wrists, he slashed his longswords toward the saber projections in a merciless manner. A loud thunderclap erupted as golden arcs of lightning coiled around the long swords. As soon as the black saber projections clashed with the golden lightning, the former was instantly vanquished, much to the shock of the young man. In contrast, a cold smile appeared on Han Li's face.

The saber projections unleashed by his opponent clearly contained a lot of devilish Qi. Otherwise, even his Azure Bamboo Cloudswarm Swords wouldn't have been able to take care of them so easily. Seeing as this was the case, this young man was essentially committing suicide through his decision to challenge Han Li.

With that in mind, Han Li flapped the five-colored translucent wing on his back, sending forth a burst of five-colored light before the young man had recovered from his astonishment.

The light was extremely bright and piercing, as if a five-colored sun had surfaced from within Han Li's body. "Argh!"

The young man reflexively closed his eyes in the face of such scintillating light, and at the same time, he knew that he was in a perilous situation, so he stomped both feet violently into the ground and shot back like an arrow, retreating even faster than he'd come.

At this moment, a thunderclap erupted from within the five-colored light, following which an arc of azure and white lightning flashed behind the young man, and Han Li abruptly appeared out of thin air. He then slashed his two longswords toward his opponent with devastating force.

The young man's eyes were still closed and his spiritual sense was slightly delayed in its reaction, but such a blatant attack certainly couldn't escape his notice. As such, he immediately tossed his twin sabers behind him, and they shot forth as two streaks of black light.

He then made a hand seal, and the muscles on his body instantly disappeared, revealing a translucent white-jade-like skeleton. The skeleton tremored before releasing a white barrier of light that completely shielded its body within. Han Li's longsword came crashing down amid a couple of thunderclaps, only to be kept at bay by the streaks of black light formed by the twin sabers. Han Li didn't find this to be strange or unexpected in the slightest.

Instead, he'd be surprised if a pair o

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