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"What is it, Brother Tu? Are you still concerned about the being in that direction?" the middle-aged man asked.

"I am. The disk is reacting to that direction, but the intensity of the reaction is fluctuating drastically. At times, that being appears to be the most powerful of the lot, but at other times, the disk barely reacts to them at all. It really is quite strange," the elderly man replied with an indecisive look on his face.

"Looks like that being either possesses a treasure that can disrupt the Profound Heavenshifting Disk's detection or they truly possess immense magic power, allowing them to unleash an ability that can disguise their cultivation base," the middle-aged man mused after a short pause.

"Perhaps. If it's the former, then that would be fine, but if the latter proved to be true, then we can't afford to let them escape. I suggest we deploy two of the winged wyrms to investigate first. Once a verdict is reached, we can make our decision then," the elderly man proposed.

"I also believe that to be the wisest decision. If everything goes smoothly, then this matter should be taken care of within half a day," the middle-aged man chuckled in response, clearly of the opinion that taking some things from a bunch of Spatial Tempering Stage beings surely wouldn't be a difficult task.

The elderly man nodded upon hearing this, and then let loose a loud cry. The two golden winged wyrms overhead immediately reacted and flew in the direction that the arrow on the disk was pointing in.

Moments later, they had disappeared into the distance.

The elderly man and the middle-aged man didn't delay any longer, either, as they shot forth as streaks of light, traveling toward different directions.

White light suddenly flashed from one of their bodies, and they slowly took on a transparent and virtually invisible form.

As for the other streak of light, after it had flown through the air for close to 10 kilometers, a cloud of purple mist erupted to conceal it.

After a while, the purple mist also vanished along with the streak of light within it.


In the air above a small hill, a foreign being with sallow cheeks and a pair of feelers growing from his head was riding atop a gecko-like spirit beast, flying through the air at an altitude of several tens of feet.

The gecko was only around 10 feet in length, and there was a faint layer of yellow light emanating from its body, allowing it to completely blend in with the soil down below. Under the disguise of this layer of yellow light, the foreign being and his gecko steed were extremely discreet, making it very difficult to detect their presence with the naked eye alone.

The foreign being appeared to be quite uneasy as he flew along atop his spirit beast steed, glancing behind himself regularly to check if any pursuers had appeared on the horizon.

This being was at the early-Spatial Tempering Stage, but he wasn't one of the beings who had fled the

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