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A bewildered look appeared on Han Li's face as he drew to an abrupt halt. He then immediately made a hand seal, and golden light flashed from his body as he activated his Provenance True Devil Arts.

Through doing so, he was able to forcibly repress his churning blood, but before his bodily condition had completely returned to normal, the skin on his back was suddenly struck by a scorching sensation, as if it were being directly baked over an open flame.

Han Li's brows furrowed, and he immediately took off the upper half of his robes to reveal his upper body.

He then raised a hand, and a ball of golden light shot forth before transforming into a shimmering golden mirror.

The mirror revolved in the air before appearing above Han Li, and spiritual light flashed from its surface as it instantly revealed to Han Li the scenes currently unfolding on his back.

From the image in the mirror, Han Li discovered that four extremely clear and vivid tattoo-like images had appeared on his back.

There was a vibrant rainbow phoenix, a massive azure bird, a five-claws golden dragon, and a five-colored peacock.

These were none other than the manifestations of the four true spirit bloods that Han Li had absorbed into his own body.

At this moment, not only were these four images shimmering with spiritual light, they were moving around incessantly as if they'd sprung to life. If it weren't for the fact that the power of his Provenance True Devil Arts was repressing them, it appeared that the four true spirit bloods were preparing to fly out of his body.

Han Li was naturally quite astonished to see this.

He had already used the 12 Awakening Transformations to completely refine the four true spirit bloods, so how was this happening?

Furthermore, all of this had been caused by nothing more than that thunderous roar.

Han Li's mind was racing rapidly, yet before he had a chance to figure anything out, another resounding roar erupted in the distance. Brilliant light erupted from the true spirit images on his back, and they began to thrash around even more violently, as if they were attempting to find some avenue through which they could leave his body.

Han Li harrumphed coldly as he made a hand seal, and golden light radiated from his body, following which the true spirit images immediately ceased moving.

Han Li took a deep breath before waving a hand through the air, and the small golden mirror exploded with a dull thump, then dissipated into specks of golden light.

Meanwhile, Han Li transformed into a streak of azure light and flew deeper into ice island, heading directly toward the direction where the thunderous roars had erupted from.

These unsettling roars were able to disrupt the true spirit bloods that he'd already refined in his body, so he certainly couldn't leave this mystery unresolved.

His decision to venture further into the island was also contributed to by the fact that he'd become vastly mo

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