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The whale-like sea beast was naturally extremely stunned to see this.

The ball of blue light that it had unleashed didn't appear to be very noteworthy, but it was an extremely powerful defensive ability that drew on the essential power of water, and it had saved its life on countless occasions in the past.

As such, it was quite alarmed by the fact that the three pillars of golden light were able to pierce through it so easily, and it was immediately struck by a sense of foreboding.

The damage inflicted on its body by the golden light wasn't a cause for concern. The sea beast merely shook its mountainous body, and the sea around it tumbled and surged, following which countless specks of blue light emerged from the seawater before instantly filling its wounds.

Following a flash of spiritual light, the puncture wounds on its body were completely healed.

Han Li's eyes narrowed slightly upon seeing this.

Meanwhile, the other three pillars of golden light also struck the layer of crimson light, and even though the latter was once again vanquished with ease, the golden pillars of light had somehow become a lot thinner and weaker than they originally were.

The pillars of light struck the crimson prawn's exoskeleton amid three dull thumps, and the prawn's massive body shuddered before it flung off the rock that it was perched on.

However, only three indentations that were several inches deep had been left in its exoskeleton, and it hadn't been punctured by the golden light.

Han Li was quite surprised to see this, but that didn't stop him from continuing in his assault.

Right after the crimson prawn was blasted away by the three pillars of light, the small black mountain was already crashing down toward it.

The massive prawn's two front claws suddenly glowed with crimson light before expanding to several times their original size, and it hoisted them up into the air, preparing to use its immense strength to withstand the descending Divine Essencefused Mountain.

It was no wonder that the beast would be so complacent. After all, its massive body was around 2,000 feet in length while the small mountain was only just over 1,000 feet tall, so theoretically, there was no reason why it wouldn't be able to keep the mountain at bay.

However, as soon as its massive claws came into contact with the underside of the black mountain, grey light flashed, and a couple of crisp cracks sounded.

The pair of giant claws shuddered before being snapped into four segments by the enormous force of the descending mountain. The giant claws were completely shattered, but the black mountain continued to descend before crushing half of the prawn's body against the massive rock beneath it amid a rumbling boom.

The entire rock tremored violently and sank several tens of feet further into the ocean.

The crimson prawn roared with shock and fury while thrashing with all its might, but the black mountain was completely immova

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